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Warwick Jungle Build

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I know that we should mostly build based on situation during the course of the game, but generally I'd like to know what I should build on Warwick. I first build a Long Sword and a Health Potion, but I don't know where to go after that. So I start building armor. My friends say that I should build some attack speed but I'm not sure what to buy. Please suggest some items. Thanks =)

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Notorious P I P

Senior Member


I usually go on hit tanky for ww jungle. I start with boots and pots for mobility and depending on how its going ill rush wits end or get gp10. Wits end and madreds with tanky items has worked for me in the past but i honestly havent jungled with ww in quite some time.

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Cloth armor 5 pots start.
Cloth into madrids razor and add boots 1.
If enemy team high magic: Wits End
Start madrids bloodrazor items (recurve bow or pickaxe good choices)
Sorcerer boots or resistance boots and wriggles lantern
Finish bloodrazor
From there on out situational. Sell wriggles to complete a big item faster when you stop kill jungle camps as aggressively.

Follow up, continue to build off of this basic start.

Edit: You can get your boots 2 before bloodrazor starting item