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Sooo..... is our meta screwed?

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So, we've all had the chance to watch our precious NA teams get dominated, and now that we've all had a good cry about TSM being out, I feel like we should stop and think about the way we play this game. In the next.... many many many words, I will lay out my argument for why NA teams are losing, and what we might out to do as a community to change the meta.

TL;DR: Asian teams are pushing hard, and winning game because they have way more map pressure, even though they can't win teamfights. This take a huge dump on our meta, and will beat us if executed well. So, why aren't we doing this too?

I was watching interviews the other day with Saintvicious. He called this happening to all of NA because he as he said "The Asian teams are not about teamfights. They say 'Teamfights? Nah, I'd rather just take your towers'" This gives them a huge map presence advantage, and allows them an early advantage, and an out lategame, because they can always splitpush. In the WE v AZF game, we saw WE take 4 towers in like 12 mins. AZF held them off VERY VERY VERY well, and then won it in teamfights, but the only reason that game was so close was because WE was putting so much pressure on AZF. So, look at what the Jokers did to dignitas: same thing. Look at Najin now. They did it too, and even though some of their opponents could win teamfights, they couldn't beat the map!

So, how do we respond to this new meta? What's should we be doing? What can we fix in our meta to counter this problem?

****... it's the ******* comp I didn't mention because I didn't want the abomination to replace the mobility meta.

I mentioned AoE, and that tried.

I mentioned high CC and DoT and that tried too.

But I intentionally ignored the split push comps.

Damn it Heimer, you're as good as viable again >>. *******.