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@Riot why is the ability to chain-nuke OK?

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That Other Guy

Senior Member


I distinctly remember Riot agreeing that Darius's ability to chain-nuke (sometimes even going 1v5) was an anti-fun mechanic and that they planned to do something about it. Not only has nothing been done about this, but in the Katarina rework she was given a new passive that enables her to do pretty much the same thing.

Seems like a classic case of say one thing and do another to me and that is not ok. Not only that but things like this make me not want to play Normal games, which is sad because afaik Normal games are intended to be for fun, semi-casual play.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that either of these champions are or aren't OP, simply that they have mechanics that are toxic. I don't have a problem with getting my butt kicked, my problem is that mechanics like these just outright suck the fun out of the game.