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What skin name do you like best?

Wing Commander 1 50%
Sky Commander 1 50%
Azure Commander 0 0%
Aviatress 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 2 .

Wing Commander Lux | Skin Concept

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Hi all! I've got another Lux skin concept, so look it over and tell me what you think!

Can't decide between "Wing/Sky/Azure Commander" for the skin name.

I've included a few replacements for her staff:
1. My staff from "Resplendent Lux"
2. Mace with an eagle atop
3. Military Pacing Stick (suits the military-ish theme)

Her headdress is commonly worn by the air force, and is called a side cap or wedge cap. I also left some glowing markings on her, as well as a reference to Strike Witches (Mio's eye patch).

Fun fact: I started out on a legendary skin idea called Aurora Lux (her spells would look like the Northern Lights), but it somehow turned into this. I'll release Aurora Lux next time.

Feedback please!

Deviation page : http://bookmarkahead.deviantart.com/art/Wing-Commander-Lux-Skin-Concept-331357710