If you leave support for me

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Originally Posted by Talonted Blade View Post
Or I play whatever mode I want?

That's why free will exists.
nah thats just being a d-bag.

thats like going to a club and ruining others time. free will isnt a excuse to be a d bag, if you actually read the founding philosophies from Jeremy Bentham and john Stuart mill you'll find that ur wrong because you impeding 4 other ppl's right to have fun in a competitive environment

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Originally Posted by FloydPinkus View Post
Your claim that the OP is selfish is humorous. He may be. But who is he playing this game for? Four other people he doesn't know that are miles away?

Personally, when I play, I like to enjoy myself. League of Legends is a game. Not a job. Not some higher calling for some great social cause. It's not about paining yourself and sacrificing. It's about having fun.

And some supports just aren't fun. The whole 0 CS support meta can be very unfun when you're the gold starved support. Unless for some reason you truly enjoy being a gimped character.
You sound like the same kind of person as the OP. You expect the rest of your team to play normally so you can have fun, but when it's your turn to bite the bullet you throw a fit.
You've only confirmed a lot of players in lol are cancerous.