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Tribunal Suggestions?

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I've been doing the Tribunal lately and judging cases, and nearly all of them are "punish" and a few are skips due to confusion, but here's some things I'm noticing and kinda concerned about.

No after-game chat logs that players are complaining about and feeling its necessary to copy what was said in their reports.

I'm noticing people getting reported for verbal abuse, but nearly half of the players in the same game are far more toxic than the person being reported, I would love to see a feature where we can also point-out/report other's chat included in the same case.

Maybe some kind of 'soft' warning or auto-report for players who turn off chat filter and continue to swear in game. I know something like preventing a offending player from chatting would disrupt gameplay quite a bit even if every other word is swearing. Maybe auto-warnings or a notification that you gone over the "swear limit" and that you set off a "swear-kicker" preventing you from joining games for an hour and each time you violate, the time penalty gets larger till you go over a 3 kick limit in 24hours and you get sent to Tribunal?

Hope my suggestions are helpful.