Suggestions in making live streaming better

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NV Ronin



I don't know the current setup but it seems like to me that they have the two shout casters spectating and then they have a third person running the veiw for us to see.

I was thinking if your going to throw 2 million is prizes at a tourny why not get a production truck like the nfl or other major sporting events and hire an ep and a arts crew and what not just like tv does have 10 cameras so to speak following all the players in case they do something cool and the ep can just all what action to cut to. like take phreak he can be in the booth when not shout casting calling what to cut to cuz he know alot about league. I don't know if i'm on the right path but it seems like the technology is here and we are just kinda half assing are way threw the production.

another thing this is a two million dollar tourny why not try and get it on G4Tv or something how is the talks for tv exposure going i mean if 200k veiwers were watching on stream and you got to think thats just people really that know league if you can entice G4 or another tech tv station to broadcast even the just the final it would be cool and really help launch e-sports in the USA like you say your trying to do. its just a thought.