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Alleged cheating in world championships.

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It make me really sad that apparently proof has come about of several teams cheating during the world championships.

There are pictures of teams like WE or AZUBU looking at the large minimaps behind both teams to ascertain the other teams locations.

And then, in game, pings go down in dark areas where the enemy team is.

Absolutely disgusting. If any of these teams win the world championships their victory will be stained.




I'm honestly very discouraged right now, as the reason dyrus went darius in the first place was simply for that early pull.

This is both the fault of riot, and teams such as WE or Azubu. In fact, riot has 'issued' as statement saying they are confident absolutely no cheating has happened. Really? get your game together Riot.

I didn't spend time rooting and supporting the championships to see something like this happen.

PS while some might say that AZUBU would have won anyways, you never know, and cheating shouldnt be allowed just because they " wouldve won anyways"