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So, Blitzcrank has the lowest risk/highest reward skillset out of all champions

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The only feature about blitzcrank that people are focusing on is the fact this grab pulls the enemy to him rather than closing the gap and bringing blitz to the enemy. The interesting fact that everybody seems to overlook is what happens and why that unique feature to blitz doesnt really matter. What happens when caitlyn gets caught out by blitz? She gets grabbed and dies.. but what happens against any other champ that catches caitlyn? She dies. Amumu bandage tosses.. game over. Nautilus throws his retarded anchor and.. game over.. Alistar flashes, knocks her up, throws her back.. and game over. Taric dazzles her.. game over. Ahri charms her.. game over. The fundamental problem isnt that blitz's kit is OP.. its that you're pissed off at yourself for getting caught out and.. of course being that league of legends player.. its not your fault. Its clearly an OP champ that got you killed. It has little to do with you being caught at all right? It has little to do with not keeping minions between you and him right? It has little to do with you trying to run straight back rather than to the side to dodge it...right?

I think whats truly unique to blitz is that sense of loss you feel immediately when you get grabbed feels so much deeper because you got pulled into the gangbang you're about to received. I dont know why, but it does feel uniquely different to when Warwick pops his ult on you, or malzahar, or amumu bandage tossing, or taric's stun, or blah blah blah everythign that in the end.. kills you the same way and same reason regardless of whatever champ did it. I guess there is a feeling that maybe, just maybe I can get that flash off and survive.. but most of the time you dont.. you flash and die from ignite.

The point to all this babbling? Stop complaining on the forums cause you got caught out and can't accept you're own failings.

Edit: I do believe that everyone that comes to the forums complaining about blitz really needs to just play blitz. I play blitz on the occasion and anytime blitz isnt banned and makes his way onto my opposing team.. I would say a greater percentage of his grabs miss when I am in bot lane. Might have somethign to do with, ya know, actually understanding the champion and his shortcomings.

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a good point my sir but the issue of him zoning you by exsisting is an actual problem, not many champs have quite the threat level he does.

if blitz crank is in a bush you can try and keep minions between you but they are constantly dieing and if you do manage to accomplish this it forces you closer to the jungle to get ganked.

the minions are meeting at middle, blizt crank can start to walk behind your minion wave to cut off escape. if a new way isn't coming in you have to hide behind your minions for safely because running to the tower is certain death by grab. but if you stay behind your minions he walks up to you and punches you while their ad carry attacks, and then when you try to run he catches you again.

i admit when he messes up its hilarious and he can get stomped. but as someone who cannot normally play a support... blitzcrank is extremely easy. its not hard to snipe with his arm. and then combine that with a knock up and a silence... ugh

the worst part of it is that he can pull you out of a safe zone and into a danger zone without any risk to himself. urgots ult moves them and puts him in complete peril most of the time, i say if you really want to fix him... make the pull shorter