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So many strong champions being forgotten...

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Shacô Bot

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you've got the situation down, but the reason not so much.

Notice how none of those have any proper AoE farming tool? This isn't just about pushing, it's about farming.

You have leblanc who can auto each minion one by one....or karthus/gragas/vlad/cass etc. who can use a few spells and clear the wave no problem. To make matters worse their AoE damage scales just as well if not better than Leblanc/Kass single target burst meaning that not only do they farm much much easier they do more with the gold.

AoE damage is simply broken for team fights. A non AoE team is never going to win team fights. THe only way for single target champions to be successful is to pick targets off when not traveling as 5 but this almost never happens. There is no case where you ever see one person going alone anywhere simply because they will get 5 man ganked and the other 4 can be stalled by just one person with AoE clear/CC.

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Because of this heavy push meta

Kennen, Volibear, WW, Kassadin, Fizz, Leblanc and even Ryze are being thrown away and slowly forgotten because of this super aggresive level 4 gank getkillortaketurret style of play.

imo, riot should buff turrets so champions who can't auto push lanes have a chance of being viable.

Kennen - nerfed. Still good if you need that R power, but his laning is nowhere near as good as before (from a toplane perspective, that is)
Voli - nobody cares about him cause he's so boring even though he is pretty damn strong. If somebody ever picks him up brace for FotM.
WW - meh. Have fun getting camped.
Kassadin - situational but still good, I guess? I don't play mid enough to know.
Fizz - annoying and scary in lane, but his teamfighting is lacking unless fed. Still, he probably is getting too little credit.
LB - eh, I dunno. Who cares about mid lane.
Ryze - he's still here, even if he's rare. Dunno what you talking about. Having no pushing power sucks tho.