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Lag, Delayed Reactions, and Forced to not Use Summoner Spells.

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I just played a game as Katarina. At the beginning of the game, I had massive lag which disconnected me twice. After that every action was delayed, which made me die twice considering the jungler ganked me without being able to see them until I was halfway dead. The lag stopped after about 10 minutes, and I was able to gain my experience back and catch up on levels, but that's not what bugged me.

After I disconnected at some time, it made it so I couldn't use my Flash and Ignite. The icons were slightly grey, like when you are a low level and haven't leveled up a skill yet. When I click on them, they would just make that annoying binging sound with the message "You can't use that right now!" I am wondering why it made me not be able to use my spells. Thank you.