My lowest moment playing League of Legends

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I've played LoL faithfully for more than 2 years, but finally tonight I had my lowest moment playing the game. Obviously there are ragers and trolls you have to deal with occasionally, but this was something different. We got off to a big lead overall, but our AD carry was struggling. Our mid lane began to heap abuse on that player, and then refused to group up for team fights. The mid laner said that he could easily regain the elo any time, so he didn't care about losing, but that our ad carry didn't deserve to win, so he wanted us to lose. Now this is unfortunately all too common, but I had never seen what happened next. After intentionally losing us the game, all of the players on our team were dropped from the game right as the Nexus fell and got the "Attempting to Reconnect." It just went on for about 30 seconds before giving an error, because there was no game to reconnect to. So after abusing an ally and then trolling, this person dropped everyone from the game so they couldn't report him. Probably the most pathetic display I've ever seen.