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Normal Draft Captain

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If this is not in the right section please by all means move it to where it needs to be. Tried to pick the best forum for this thread.

It is awesome that in ranked games that the highest ELO gets to ban and fp for your team. The way this is set up, sets your team up for victory, if you play good of course. It allows your team to build around your best player. But what about normal? How can we help out normal games? Here in lies the solution.

Ever start a normal draft mode and you have first pick and you tell them "hey you can pick my champ first cause its hard to counter and then we can just swap and they say, "I dont have that champ". Well I have, and its rather discouraging to say the least. It doesn't allow your team to get set up correctly.

That's where the idea of having the pick order start with the player with the most champs and work its way down came to my mind. First pick is vital and if something did not get banned that needs to be picked up cannot be picked then why is the person on top on top? Ya some might argue that they need experience banning, but playing more and more draft you know what needs to be banned.


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Hugh Akston

Senior Member


I feel like everybody who buys lots of champs will love it and everyone else will hate it.

Therefore I love it.