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First Blood Pure Aggression!

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<Copied from GD Forum>

To see First Blood past history, check out the Mid Lane Championship here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2548202
or check out the videos on this playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...zHbzUr2KbOZQv0

This season, the rules have changed. While it is still an individual event, players can no longer rely purely on their own skills to break through the rounds and emerge victorious. They must adapt and forge constantly rotating strategies as they are forced to fight alongside other competitors in an aggressive 2v2 conflict where first blood and first tower both spell victory. The only rule - Stay the hell out of the side lanes.

2.0 Official rules - General

- All summoners must be Level 30 to be eligible for the tournament
- Bookmark this page http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2647107, and check it regularly for updates when you are yet to complete your current round. Keeping in contact with that thread and with me will allow the event to run more smoothly.
- If you have to pull out for real life reasons, please let me know as soon as this is confirmed. If you cannot handle the time frame listed below, then please stand aside until others have registered.
- Games will optimally be run within 5pm PDT - 10pm PDT, Sun-Thurs. While it is possible for me to run games outside this time zone, I plan to allow a greater number of players to register this time around. Streamlining the process, especially due to needing 4 people per game instead of 2, by putting a locked time zone in will facilitate a more manageable event. As players are eliminated this time frame will become more lenient, but with a capacity of 64 players the priority is to not cause the event to drag on forever.
- Games will be blind pick.
- No champions are banned. A player may use any champion available to him or her.
- All games will be spectated by me live.
- Matches will be recorded as per last season, and commentated footage will be posted to my channel.
- Pods and pairings will be determined at random, and players are expected to check here to see when they are due to play, and keep up to date with the time frame left in the current round. The first round will attempt to complete one pod's pairing rotation per day.
- While your pod is playing out its matches, PLEASE do not queue for normal games. The matches in this event should be fast and furious - there is no reason to queue for a 20+ minute game when you are due to play in ~5 minutes.
- Each player will play three matches in their pod, with rotating partners. This will be true all the way until the top 4, where this process will be repeated for a total of 6 games per player.
- If enough people sign up, the event will get underway this PDT Sunday, with Pod A competing for points. I will ensure to get the pods posted quickly if this is the case.
- The top 16 players from the First Blood MLC will be seeded. Seedings will not pass down in the event that a player from Season 1 does not wish to play this season.
- The top 4 players will all receive RP cards as prizes in a 25/10/10/10 dollar breakdown. The final standings will be based on points scores from the final round.

2.0 Official rules - Matches

- No side lanes are to be used to farm, contest or fight within. Players have free reign of either base, mid lane, jungle and river. Just stay outside the width of the top and bot lanes.
- The game will only end in victory when a team either scores first blood or destroys the first opposing mid tower.
- Each player on the winning team will score 5 points for winning via first blood, no matter who scores the kill.
- Each player on the winning team will score 3 points for winning via first mid tower, no matter which player or minion scores the tower.
- The highest X players from each pod will advance to the next round, based on points. In the case of a tie, the player with the lowest total contested game time for their wins will advance. The number of players that advance per pod is based on total player count. At the 64 cap, the top 4 from each pod will advance. Note: this rule will be updated with a numeric value once registration closes.
- Pairings will NOT be posted in advance, only Pods will be. Players will simply log on on the day of their pod battle and I will announce the 6 matches as they come up. With this in mind, there will be a couple of minutes allowed per game lobby for the players to strategise and discuss voice chat options if desired.

I have probably left out some clarity-inducing information. If something doesn't make sense or seems omitted, please query me here or discuss in game. I would like the hard copy of the rules to be as thorough as possible. Help me achieve this.

To sign up for this season, please add me as a friend (username Arkelon) in game, and type /in below.

Registered: 29(33)/64
- Intsikandy (1s)
- Adencor (2s) - pending
- Brokenhope (3s)
- Oxy (4s)
- Fracture9 (5s)
- Telekinetic (6s)
- CrimsonKing85 (7s)
- Reaper46876513 (8s)
- TooMuchBursty (9s)
- Danadin (10s)
- iBrady (11s) - pending
- Radov (12s)
- ConciseNPrecise (13s) - pending
- Gh0stm4ker (14s)
- Elbee (15s) - pending
- mattmcburney (16s)
- rizLLL
- Silensis
- X Crey X
- Tsunayoshy
- Raabemaster
- meliong
- Thankskiller
- RadeDB
- CinnamonBunKid
- Bublo
- 6u3ssWh0
- SeeFutLong
- monster91
- N64 BOSS
- Krosic
-- AdmiralAardvark