Hannibal, The Glorified Builder

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Cybourg Roku

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If you think Hannibal is a cool champ, then please go to my whole champion concept compilation:http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com...1#post42437984.
Hannibal is a support, Mage, capable of running Top or Botlane.

Place of Origin:Piltover
Appearance:6'5" Slender, with Short Gray hair and pale white skin.he wears a Dark Gray Trench Coat and light underarmor.(the only skin you can see on him is his Face.)

Health:435 (+76 Per level.)
HP Regen:6.6 (+0.45 Per level.)
Mana:220 (+45 Per level.)
Mana Regen:5.5 (+5.5 Per level.)
Attack Damage:53 (+2.9 Per level.)
Attack Speed:0.604 (+1.875% Per level.)
Move Speed:340
Armor:17 (+3.5 Per level.)
Magic Resist:30 (+1.25)
Attack Range:125

(Inate)By the Blue Prints: Hannibal generates a Construction stack every 15 seconds (max 4). each of his basic spells will consume up to three gaining bonuses for each stack consumed. Basic attacks will reduce the CD of this by 0.5 second(s) (1 second against champions).

(Q)Enhance/Overdrive: Hannibal grants target allied minion, pet or Turret 16/20/24/28/32% Bonus attack Speed and 40% Bonus Attack Damage for 10 seconds.
If cast on allied MINION:Refund 50% of the mana cost and All gold farmed by target minion is granted to Hannibal.
If cast on allied TOWER:reduce the stat boosting effects of this ability by 50% and the duration by 30%.
1 Stack: Grant target a shield that will block 25/50/75/100/125 (+10% AP) Physical Damage (lasts until destroyed or the ability's timer runs out).
2 Stacks: Increase the duration by 2 seconds. (for towers this would be added after the 30% reduction leaving the duration at 9 seconds.)
3 stacks: The shield granted grants 25/50/75/100/125 (+15% AP) Additional Shield. (for a total of 50/100/150/200/250 (+25% AP) Shield.)
Cool Down: 11/10/9/8/7
Mana Cost: 100
Cast Range: 400

Overdrive: Hannibal gains 10/20/30/40/50% bonus Attack Speed and 20/25/30/35/40 Bonus Armor and Magic Resist for 9 seconds.
Cool Down: 8
Mana Cost: 75
Cast Range: Self

(W)Energy Emitter/Energy Shield: Hannibal places down a small device of his own invention at target location for 6 seconds that will deal 25/40/55/70/95 (+10% AP) Magic Damage to all nearby enemies each second, If an ally champion enters the device's radius it grants them a shield that will block 10/20/30/40/50 (+5% AP) physical damage for 2 seconds every second (max shield 60/120/180/240/300).

Example: If Hannibal has 100 AP and this skill is rank 1. Upon entering the device's range it would grant him a shield that would block 15 physical damage but if Hannibal does not take damage after 1 second the shield would be increased to 30 then 45 then 60. If Hannibal has 60 shield he will not generate more unless damaged but will still be unable to have more then the ability rank's shield cap even if he was only dealt 10 damage leaving his shield at 50.
1 Stack: While inside the radius Allied Champion's gain 10% additional Move Speed and for 1 second after leaving.
2 Stacks: Refund 50% of the Mana Cost.
3 Stacks: This ability will shield allied minions and pets aswell.
Cool Down: 23/21/19/17/15
Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110/120
Cast Range: 500
Device Radius: 300

Energy Shield: Hannibal gains a shield that will block 45/80/115/150/185 (+25% AP) Physical Damage for 4 seconds. Hannibal gains 10% additional Move Speed while the shield persists.
Cool Down: 10
Mana Cost: 60
Cast Range: Self

(E)Construct/Heavy Shell: Hannibal creates a minion Consrtuct for 60 seconds to fight for him with
HP: 200/300/400/500/600
Damage: 5 ((+100% Hannibal's Bonus AD) Max bonus Damage from AD 30/60/90/120/150)((+100% Hannibal's AP) Max bonus damage from AP 30/60/90/120/150)(max bonus total 60/120/180/240/300)
Armor: 10/15/20/25/30
Magic Resist: 10
Move Speed: 300
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Range: 125
All effects from Enhance are 50% effective on Minion's created by this ability and will not expire. (Effects from Enhance will not stack.)
Maximum 3 minions allowed from this ability at one time.
The Minion will focus Hannibal's Target or(If Hannibal has no target.) the closest enemy.
1 Stack: Minion gains 50 additional Move Speed.
2 Stacks: Minion gains 50% additional HP.
3 Stacks: Minion gains 375 additional Attack Range.
Cool Down: 40/35/30/25/20
Mana Cost: 80
Cast Range: Self

Heavy Shell: Hannibal fires a large round from his Super Weapon dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+33% AP) Magic Damage in a moderate A.o.E.
Cool Down: 8
Mana Cost: 90
Cast Range: 1000
Damage Radius: 300
Travels 500 units distance every 0.5 seconds.
This is a target area skill like Ziggs ult NOT a skillshot.

(R)Super Weapon:
Passive: Hannibal's Ult is different depending on his Trinket!
Active: Hannibal Channels for 3 seconds while he builds his massive super weapon after finishing he enters his construct for 18 seconds: Changing all of his basic abilities and gains 300/450/600 Bonus HP, 425 (making his Auto range 550) bonus Attack Range , 20/40/60 Bonus AD and his basic attacks deal (+25% AP) Bonus physical Damage.

Warding Totem = Devastator Tank (aka the Uh-oh Tank): Hannibal has 2 free firing turret that will fire upon the closest enemies or enemies in range that are attacking Hannibal (prioritizing Champions) dealing (50% AD)(+25% AP) Magic Damage these turrets have Hannibal's Attack Speed but only have 350/400/450 Attack Range and will NOT fire upon enemy Structures but will fire while Hannibal is in motion. Both turret cannot fire upon a single target at the same time.

Scrying Orb = Archer Artillery Walker (or AAW for short): Hannibal gains 250 additional bonus Attack Range (making his Auto range 800) and all of Hannibal's basic abilities have 50% additional Cast range. Hannibal's Basic attack have a 200 radius A.o.E. and deal 10/20/30% additional Damage to structures.

Sweeping Lense = Hover Tank (I've got nothing for this one): Hannibal gains 200/300/400 Additional Bonus HP and has 25% increased Move Speed and 50% increased Attack Speed also Hannibal is not effected by any C.C. effects aswell. Hannibal has 20% bonus Cool Down Reduction and has 50% increased Super Weapon Duration.

Cool Down: 175/150/125
Mana Cost: 200
Cast Range: Self
Note: Buying a different branch of trinket resets Hannibal's Ultimate's Cool Down no matter what.

Game Play:

Reccommended Items:
Staring Items: Ancient Coin, x2 Health Potions, x1 Stealth Ward. Warding Totem.

First to Finish Items:
Ruby Sightstone
Talisman of Ascension
Ardent Censer

Core Items:
Same as First to Finish Items

Finished Build:
This is where things can get tricky because your build should be different for which ever ult you have chosen Via your Trinket as a Support though I would reccommend either the AAW (Scrying Orb) or the Hover Tank (Sweeping Lense).

Finished build for AAW:
Ruby Sightstone
Talisman of Ascension
Ardent Censer
Boots of Mobility
Iceborn Gauntlet
Athene's Unholy Grail
Farsight Orb (Trinket)

Note: I do realize this build does grant him 50% CDR but he can only make use of 40% but I felt these were the best items for him. granting him some durability, good support capabilities, and good offence (especailly against Structures.).

Finished Build for Hover Tank:
Ruby Sightstone
Talisman of Ascension
Ardent Censer
Boots of Mobility
Seraph's Embrace
Rod of Ages

Note: for the Hover Tank the First to Finish would be a little different where in you'll want to get RoA and atleast the Tear of the Godess as soon as possible.
With this build and all of the bonuses from the Hover Tank Hannibal will be pretty hard to catch making this a good back door potential though he is support he is fast!

No matter how you build him:
To make the most of Ardent Censer (because in Super Weapon form he will have no heal or shields that can target allies) I say grab Summoner Spell "Heal" so you can still have all the Ardent Censer available to you at all times.

In Lane: Hannibal has good point defence if he has a friendly tower at his back (Making Azir his best-est Friend)
and he can produce minions to tank tower for a couple hits for assaulting positions aswell. His W is strong for holding a position but when your on the run it's not so great, though it does grant a light MS boost it's damage/shield is pretty weak unless you stand in it for awhile (something you are unable to do while on the run.).

Reccommended Items:
Starting Items: Doran's Ring, x2 Health Potions, Warding Totem.

Items that will be the same for any build:
Banner of Command
Rod of Ages
Seraph's Embrace

Finished Items for Uh-oh Tank!:
Banner of Command
Rod of Ages
Berserker Greaves
Nashor's Tooth
Randuin's Omen
Seraph's Embrace

Finished Items for AAW:
Banner of Command
Rod of Ages
Seraph's Embrace
Frozen Heart
Rabadon's Deathcap
Mercury Treads

Finished Items for Hover Tank:
Banner of Command
Rod of Ages
Seraph's Embrace
Boot's of Mobility
Lich's Bane
Rabadon's Deathcap

In Teamfights:
As the Devastator Tank (uh-oh Tank):
As or with Hannibal: Hannibal has large amounts of short range multi-target capabilities in this form with his free firing turrets, he thrives in the thick of battle in this form so sure Hannibal has good cover fire or peel to draw away focus so he can deal as much Damage as possible.

Against Hannibal: Hannibal can be really dangerous if he is allowed to get close in this form with his turrets so make sure to draw out the engagment until his super weapon form goes away by keeping him CC'd or just keeping your distance. This is one of the Forms where Hannibal is most likely to over-extend himself, that is something to keep in mind aswell.

As the Archer Artillery Walker (AAW):
As or with Hannibal: Hannibal has now become a long range sniper with A.o.E. Auto Attacks and he deals bonus damage to structures while staying out of the towers range! so he can poke down your opponents or pick off a low enemy as the AAW then engage a fight as Hannibal for the big ACE but he will most likely be in the back so make sure you have a strong Frontline to the enemy back.
Against Hannibal: Hannibal's Super Weapon Bonuses make him a long range sniper with decent A.o.E. capabilities but don't give him any skirmishing or flee potential so stay spread out and put pressure on him to keep him from poking you down without a fight.

As the Hover Tank:
As or with Hannibal: This form is almost perfect for backdoors. It has boosted Move/Attack Speed, is immune to CC's and has increased super Weapon Duration making hard to catch and quick to kill the target buildings. but for a 5v5 teamfight this is probably the weakest form.
Against Hannibal: In this form be looking for Backdoors that is his most likely route to take but remember he is fast! so it's almost like chasing Udyr through the jungle...*sigh* pointless. but his teamfight capabilities are weak compaired to his other two Super Weapon Choices. possibly making things easier on you if he decides to not Backdoor.

Hannibal worked as the leading science officer on the Blitzcrank program, after it's great success he requested immediate funding for his next design the "Gatlink Project", supposedly Hannibal's newest blueprints for the Blitzcrank program. Piltover's high command considered his request but where detered due to the fact that Gatlink was clearly a military design. Upon being denied, Hannibal secretly built Gatlink with funding from...unsavory sources and sent him to the league of legends to destroy Blitzcrank. Hannibal soon fled from piltover knowing his recent actions would soon come to light and begins work on his twisted take on the famous Piltoverian moto.
"I will better this world through Science...my Science and all will bow to me." Hannibal J. Clythe.

Upon Selection:Science will never fail.

Science presses onward.
Calculating Variables.
If you insist.

Attack Order:
Very well
Let's see a pen do this!
How scientific of you.
inventive strategy.

1:two plus two equals...fish!? how does that work?
2:(If enemy Blitzcrank is near)Blitzcrank...I...am your father.

Soon you will have your chance... to surrender.

Laugh:just a normal laugh

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Cybourg Roku

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Added Speech.

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Cybourg Roku

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4 Weeks Ago

I have completely reworked Hannibal's Kit for a new and hopefully improved Champion Concept! ?:-D>
Please leave reviews and tell me what you think.

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Cybourg Roku

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4 Weeks Ago

Gameplay and reccommended Builds are on the way!

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Cybourg Roku

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3 Weeks Ago

Game Play is here!!!!!!!

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3 Weeks Ago

Passive : An interesting passive, it doesn't grant an immediate benefit but it boosts other abilities. A slight change to consider have it activate after the minions spawn.

Q : An ability that helps any lane. would partner well with Malz, Shaco, Mord, and Yoric. Also could blend decently with Azir. A boost in the tower will also help with a dive, even if you die you might get a kill.
The bonus stacks sound balanced, and add some interesting buffs to this ability.
Has a very low CD but the mana cost is rather high, if not cast on a minion. It would cost just under half mana from level 1 to cast this ability.
With three stacks it becomes a mini Jana shield as well, and lets face it... you will have 3 stacks from the start with your current passive
Overdrive : Its rare that a mage would get a AS boost, even rarer is an ability that gives AS AR and MR all at once. It is in connection with his ult but there is a problem i will point out in the ult section.

W : I like this ability, but keep in mind victor. His W (pre rework) was good but its so hard to cast and use it properly because it had a small cast range. Possible damage output at level 1 is 125, which should never happen since there is no slow.
1 stack : movement speed in AOE, good little buff.
2 stack : Mana cost refund is always helpful
3 stacks : sheilds minion and pets at first to me sounded bad... but then i thought... imagine the farm denial possibility bot lane. That extra hit on each minion might throw off an opponents tempo.

Energy shield : Would this stack with his other shield?

E : this ability seems... I dont know how to say it really. You get a minion, similar to Malzahars passive, and it potentially can be a ranged minion, which to my knowledge a moveable ranged minion does not exist in the game. stats seem low, which would make this more of an annoyance. Does the minion appear near Hannibal or is it an area cast ability? if so is there a small burst of damage to help you possibly secure a kill?

Heavy shell : Does the damage deal equally in the whole AOE or dissipate as it does with ziggs ult as you are further away from the center?

R : A Big ult going here. A channel that could be inturupted, would that set this ability on CD? also gives a nice chunk of AD (which in combo with his Q would be great in combo) and a quarter of your AP also goes towards the AD.

the bonuses based off trinket... could be a problem.
First off, Almost EVERYONE uses the warding totem, which will mean that in a team fight, you build an AP tank and he becomes a slower version of Vayne who can hit 3 targets with AA.

Second concern, Scrying orb. This trinket is normally not used at all, but the bonuses on this champ would be insane. Towers only have 775 range, so you could safely attack the towers for 0 risk, no one has that capability without minions or help. plus your AA range is 150 units longer then the current longest, wich means in combo with your Q you can deal massive damage, easy, with one click and low risk, plus a bonus AOE damage.

Sweeping lens : I'd tweek it a little, call it stealthed detectors. he gets all those bonuses(except only a 25% ult duration increase), but in addition can see stealthed units and traps (not wards) for the duration.

When you say buying a different branch are you saying that teleporting to base and swapping trinkets rests the CD? that might be a little over powered. Think of it like this, I use the warding trinket to destroy a team in a fight (with help of course) then teleport home with B, buy a blue trinket and use summoner spell teleport to go and take out a turret or two(depending on how late in the game) at no risk. Or while defending the base at nexus constantly swapping to get an everlasting ult to keep minions from killing towers. If you want to keep the cooldown thing, have it last untill your trinket is off it's CD from the swap.

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Cybourg Roku

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3 Weeks Ago

Thank you for the review here are some of the answers to your questions.

For his Inate I thought about putting a delay on it but that would hold Hannibal back... what other Champion has a delay on any of their skills because minions haven't spawned? what if a fight breaks out in your jungle, you get crapped on just because your inate hasn't turned on yet. the bonuses given by his inate can make the difference of a kill or death.

For Overdrive, Energy Shield and Heavy Shell can only be cast while Hannibal is in super weapon form but he cannot cast Enhance, Energy Emitter and Construct. Also Heavy Shell deals 100% damage in it's whole radius.

For the Scrying Orb AAW: Twitch with his ultimate Active can safely Auto attack towers without a wave and this is meant to be a structure dropping teir of Hannibal's Ultimate but comparing it to his other ultimates it is poor in champion to champion combat.

for the CD on his ultimate what I meant when I said resets it when Hannibal buys a new Trinket is that if he had the warding Trinket and his ult had 10 seconds left on CD but he then bought the Scrying orb it would set it to it's max CD so 175/150/125 not 0
I did forget to add anything if the channel got interupted.

for the Sweeping Lense: I thought about that but I decided in the end that he would be using his trinket for the true sight why put it as a bonus as well? I tried to make it so that each ult path was specifically tailored to being helped by the trinket needed grant it.
so the Devastator can ward and chase with the free firing turrets.
The AAW can use the Scrying orb to allow it to use it's sniping power to it's fullest
and the Hover Tank can grab some true sight for anyone trying to cut him off while he is on the run with some true sight.
Also I made his ult dependent on what trinket he has to possibly increase the variety of trinkets used in game because if someone uses hannibal and wants the AAW and then realizes that they like the Scrying Orb! hey that can make the game more fun for that person for every champ they play afterwards!