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Is this a good idea?

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Maybe with more tweaking to the idea. 0 0%
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Step Towards Improved Match Making!

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So last night i was playing league with a bunch of my buddies.
And we got stuck with a few people who just refused to cooperate or team comp efficiently, So i started thinking back to my WoW days of how dungeons were qued and i had this Idea for league..

How this works.
You have the Ability to select a role Before you que up:
This means that if you have want to play support that game you que up as a support, And when you start a match you only have the ability to choose support champions and others that can fit that role..
The catergories could be anything from jungler, ADC, Solo top, Mid AP, Tank, Etc

What it could possibly achieve.
This would apply to all who que up for Normals of this type, and those who do rank solo 1-2 people,
My thought is that the community could help riot gather information about what champions usually fill what roles. Maybe doing this will offer riot better statistics on nerfs buffs. who knows?
This could really work in my mind, for the reason that sure you could play Trist AP mid or ADC bot or any other variant on champions and they would be able do fine, But the unreliability of the unexperienced variant build players wouldn't throw a match because the rest of the team will have a chance to get a good team composition together.
The idea behind this is to get games where there are no fights over lanes and roles, less rage quits and less afkers. This could all together brind the league community a few steps forward.