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op releases leaving older champs underpower

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The new champs that are being released are starting to make the older champions under power. In the past month really i would say i have seen so little of the older champions because when you play them they just get blown up. Im not the best player in the world but i do have over 1500 wins. So i feel i understand the game to an extent. The snow ball effect is ok with me but on certain champs it seems to just lay wast to all. for instance darius will kill the whole team if feed. Not a whole lot you can do when he has a war mogs atmas build. Reason i bring this up the older champions really cant do much damage and when this happens the game becomes who can kill the terminator. I do like the rework you have been doing on the older champions like kat. She is my main and i pretty much stayed away from playing her due to loss issues. Twitch and eve could use another look over again. New garren my other main was a very good rework. Over all i say not bad but the meda game should not revolve around champs that do way way way to much damage and cc to stop. I hope to get some good feedback from this and your opinions on the situation.