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khazix changes

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Senior Member


Your first suggestion is horrible, and would pretty much break him.

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Rin Kuragari

Senior Member


1. Remove the slow from his passive and apply it to his E

2.Decrease the mana cost of his W and increase the healing and make the healing scale off of AD so it is useful late game since his Q does not benefit from lifesteal. Or make his Q an on hit ability.

3. make his passive scale off of AD so it is useful late game

4. make his E less buggy

5. Increase the duration of his ult stealth to 1.5 seconds

1. The Slow is on his evolved W, not his passive.

2. All that needs to be done is make the heal scale on damage put out. The heal is nice early game but it becomes very insignificant late game. Since Kha'Zix has no CC other than a slow (if you evolve his W), he needs either another form of CC or a buff to his health.

3. I don't find the passive all that troublesome late game. He does helluvalot of damage as it is but that is only against isolated targets. Team fights is where Kha'Zix is almost useless as he is.

4. Buggy? How?

5. 2 second stealth would be better but I'd prefer having an additional effect other than a means of reapplying his passive.

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Lady Shrike

Junior Member


I dont think his W should scale at all on AD, i do agree that the mana cost is a little high.
That being said there are alternatives that could happen.
I personally would leave the unevolved version of his W as it is (not many people evolve it as the other 3 are better)
However to make its evolution attractive i would suggest one of the following changes.

- % of damage delt puts on a small and short duration shield like Riven's E


- Kha'zix's W puts on a Shen style vorpal blade effect, allowing him to heal off of the target for each hit applied.

They would make Kha'zix's W more attractive to evolve. That being said, i still think hes not in a bad place.

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@ Aeon... he has a slow on his passive :P Believe me... lol

Anyway, I don't understand the needed buffs honestly. I have never fed with him, ever, unless we are to count 1 4v5 today where 2 of my teammates were BLATANT feeders (around 4/13)... So it was nowhere near "fair."

I can understand Riven being very strong, but that's what she is. She is SUPPOSED to screw 1 person up, however 2 people on 1 riven can deal some serious damage to her. It's just like any champ- she really isn't that unbeatable.

My main issue with him is his horrible W. No matter what I try to do, it seems so useless. I've picked up maybe 2 kills with it today ( at total of maybe 4 or 5 games) and in all honesty, the heal scales horribly as well.

All in all though, he is very very strong. He can gank and nuke anyone down early and mid game as far as I can tell, then change into a semi carry or in my experience a blatant carry. Thoughts?

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no no no no no no no . . . just no.

The only thing I really want to see on Kha right now is a slight increase on his pre-evolved jump; no more than 50%. Right now it feels like you MUST evolve that one, and they specifically said they didn't want any one evolution to be a 'must have'. After that, maybe a slight decrease on early mana costs for W, and an evened out (or shorter) CD. His abilities, scaling, and damage are otherwise fine as is. He's not supposed to be a carry, so he really shouldn't have spectacular scaling, and his healing should not scale off of AD; that would be unprecedented (and just wrong). I get the clear impression from the OP that he thinks there is 'one and only one' way to play/build Kha'Zix; in which case he must not have got the memo.