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About Banshees Veil

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Hey guys!

Playing LOL since almost a year now. What do you think about Banshees Veil? So much players recommed it in their guides, but somehow i think it is a pretty **** item. I buy it and i always want to know why it is so good. However, it is always used on a lower spell like a silence, instead of shielding me from an ult....

What do u guys think, is it worth the slot? And should it be buffed, like lowering the CD on it or should the Spell shield only be triggered by a certain ammount of dmg and only stuns?


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Magus Crow

Senior Member


The stats are fairly decent but the spellshield really needs to be reworked if the item is to have much use against anyone that isnt going to run in and drop their biggest CC on you instead of dumping off the thing with some dinky Soraka silence or something.

Most people dont get this item until pretty late though just to abuse the sustain that you get off of the Catalyst piece of it and it really feels like you are paying to put two items into one slot (the upgrades are pretty minimal) and have a pretty bleh passive to go with it. I'd have much rather have had them keep the Catalyst passive and couple that with the stats instead so it could be a decent mid game defensive sustain HP, Mana and MR item instead. That or maybe up the price to 2800 and give it the QSS treatment.