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Global Gold Display Suggestion

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Junior Member


The commentators constantly talk about how things like lost Oracle's are not reflected in the overall gold score. This is of course true, but I wonder if Riot have thought about fixing that. They have been really good at increasing the quality of the HUD and getting people thinking more closely about what is happening in the matches, which is a great thing.

Why not display things like lost Oracle's? It's not that hard and could be implemented to be easily readable. This would be my solution:

Display an overall gold meter which shows up everything MINUS purchased consumables (wards, elixirs, extract, etc...) then have a bracket and inside that shows the total gold cost of all ACTIVE and INVENTORY consumables (placed wards, health pots in inventory, etc...).

The 2nd (completed) match between CLG.EU and World Elite was a great example of why the current system doesn't come close to actively reflecting the situation. The gold difference wasn't that large but WE was forced to use a MASSIVE number of wards that got cleared out nearly instantly. That's all money wasted.

By using my system we would be able to actively see what's happening. If the HUD doesn't have room then it could easily be a toggle between the different values (Total gold, total gold minus expired consumables, and active/inventory consumables).


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Mark Akitaki



I agree completely