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CLG eu vs W.E server crash

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xmas bandit

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rip cmon man

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Happy Killspree



if clg.eu loses this that is extremely unfair. its obvious they were going to win they ahd gold, tower, minion, and baron buff as well as positioning before the crash...

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Well since they are going to be redoing game 3 (God knows when since they won't announce it) I think they should restart all 3 games. I mean yeah it would be a waste of time, but I think it would be fair to start off on a clean slate and just let them go at it. Clearly it will not happen, but it should be a good game whenever it is.

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HoN and Dota 2 do not have and will never have this many people watching an event. i'm sure out of the 500k ppl watching 1 or 2 knows how to ddos pretty well.. but yeah the reason HoN and Dota 2 don't have problems is because no one gives a **** about those games lol.. hard truth

Is that load of **** supposed to somehow excuse Riot for epic failure? Is that what you think? I don't get how they can put $2M on the line, hype the event to hell and then fail like this...

Oh hi Dota 2 had its 2nd annual $1.6M tournament last month and it ran as smoothly as can be. The players were treated like superstars with personal assistants and fully looked after. They were placed in air-conditioned, custom lit soundproof boxes and the main screen was placed infront of the booths so that should a player look up all they would see is the back of the screen. The other eliminated players got to sit in private boxes high up and the audience got to watch the tournament from within a fricking majestic theatre hall... and the broadcast ran smoothly as can be. There were plenty of exciting matches and moments. It really makes LoL's World Championships look like a $1000 backyard tournament.

By the way there are millions of Dota players around the world. To say that nobody cares about Dota is quite ignorant and blatantly shows how much of a blind fanboy you are of Riot and LoL. There were roughly 567,000 people at one stage watching the grand final match of the International tournament last month. If 567,000 simultaneous viewers for a game in BETA equals nobody caring about it then so be it - your logic is flawed. There were people from around the world there including a few famous Starcraft 2 players.

Also, 6-7 after 59 minutes? Even the most boring of Dota matches have more kills and more engagements than that ****. I would rather play LoL than watch it, and would rather watch Dota or random YouTube videos than tune into a LoL match. It's THAT boring. Only LoL players watch LoL, and for the most part Dota players watch Dota but there are probably more non-MOBA players who watch Dota than LoL.

Yeah man... hard truth.