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[Guide]Ranked Games

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Suicidal Retard



Woo, now you're level 30. You have about 87 wins and think your 1200 rating can finally go up. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Ranked games will cause you to be like that german kid on youtube.

Disclaimer: You may agree or disagree with parts or the whole post in general. Everyone has their own way of doing things so if you got a better method for yourself, then great for you.

Note: More sections may be added.

In order to play ranked games, you have to be Level 30 and at least 14 Champions. This is the easy part. What they don't tell you is that you need at least a Full Tier 3 Rune Page. Level 30 is the level cap, not the IP cap. No matter how good of a player you are, a full rune paged enemy will always have the edge against you in the beginning. Generally by the time you're ready to take on ranked games, you should have 200+ Wins or at least +50 W/L ratio.

Normal games are a good source of practice. You get to farm up your IP and discover the inner champion in you. However, it's not the best source. Unlike Normal Games, Ranked games pair you up with people of similar rating. That means a person with 100 wins could be facing a guy with 1000+ wins. You might wonder why a person with 1000+ wins has around 1200 rating. Well, thanks to people who jump into ranked games right away, it becomes nearly impossible to carry someone who has more deaths than his level.

After games, look for the really good players and try to friend them. If they accept, that means there's a chance he/she might join you in a premade, thus dramatically increase your chance of winning. It's best to play a few normal premade with people before taking on ranked games so you get a better understanding of their skill.

The Draft
Time Management
Make sure you have at least 1 hour of playing time. I've seen so many winning team lose b/c their best player had to leave. If you joined a ranked game and found out you can't play, just dodge. It's a lose for you, but you don't have to hold your teammates hostage to your incompetence. Plus, you saved yourself from 4-9 reports and a few screenshot of your selfishness after the game.

Pretty simple. If you're banning first, ban whichever champion you don't want to play against. Please note that if let's say, your 5th or 4th pick request a champion, it's best to ignore them since the other team could pick that champion. If you're banning second, then don't ban the OP champion you wanna play.

Observation and TALK
There's a chat box in the draft room. USE IT. By being able to see what the other team picks, talk amongst your team to pick counter champions. IMPORTANT: The ideal team would be 1 Support, 1-2 DPS, 1-2 Nuker, 1-2 Tank. Make sure each of those role is filled BEFORE the banning round ends. Afterwards, decide which champion to pick accordingly to the other team. By not having a dps, the other team will stack resis. The other way around if there's no nuker. No tank would mean the other team only needs to focus on damage. Each role forces the other team to spend gold on items that only counters you, making them fresh meat for your teammates.

Picking Champion
In ranked games, there's no such thing as honor. Chances are, there's a feeder/leave amongst the 10 people in the room. Pick the most OP champion not banned (and swap with someone if you can't play him) or pick your BEST champion. Winning is winning. Losing is losing. Your goal is to raise your rating and losing doesn't help your goal.

In Game
The Rest is Up to You
If you took my advice, you should have a full tier 3 rune sheet and a champion you're good at. Also, your team should have an advantage over the other team champion wise. Communication should be frequent in your chat box. This is the most ideal condition for winning. The rest if up to how you and your team play. Unlike the feeder on your/other team, people in the game will not flame/laugh at you.