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The Blind Dragon

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Hello. You may know me from the Explorer and Love series. As I promised, I am making a Lee Sin story at the moment, and Chapter One will be released soon. I thought I should post this to let my fans know my new Fan-Fiction will be coming out soon. c:

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Awesome. Thanks for the update. I eagerly await your first post.

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-Chapter One-

He dashed through the woods,

"I'm late!"
He thought to himself.

He leaped from the ground and onto a tree, leaping from that tree to another, repeating this for the next ten minutes until he reached a small camp. There were four tents, a small campfire, and four people around it. A young man with green armor and a large sword, a large monkey in yellow armor with a large Stick, a young lady in red armor with a strange blade that floated around, and a man in blue armor with two blades sheathed onto his back.

"I think I'm here,"
He said, sniffing the air.

He leaped down and the four stood up, a little shocked. The man in the Blue armor approached him.

"You must be Lee Sin, then. It's about time you showed up."
He said.

Lee smiled and nodded.
"Sorry I am late, friends. Getting used to the Sonic Vibrations."
He chuckled.

The man in the green stood up,
"I am Yi. Nice to meet you, Lee Sin."

The ape stood,
"I'm Wukong! How ya' doin'?"

The woman stood,
"I'm Irelia. Pleasure."

The one in the blue nodded,

Lee nodded,
"Yi, Wukong, Irelia and Shen. I got it."
He smiled.

The five sat around the campfire and Shen pulled out a map,
"So. Here is the Noxian outpost, outside of the Yordle Trader encampment to the West. If we hurry, we can take them out before any of the Yordles are harmed. Irelia will be the 'decoy', she'll run in, grabbing their attention, that's when Yi and Wukong come from here, the back of the outpost, and ambush them. I'll be in here,"
He pointed to a large X.
"the large tent, if our information is correct, the Noxian commander will be in there, and his guards would of left to defend the camp. Lee Sin, you will be with Wukong at the start of the mission, you two meet up with Yi and take out the guards at the back of the outpost quietly, you can't be discovered before Irleia. When you hear Irleia call out the code, engage from behind. By the time you all clean up the camp, I should have the leader in binds."
Shen said, nodding then pulled out glowing handcuffs.

"Any questions?"
Shen asked, standing.

No one raised a hand.

"Good. Let's move out."
Shen said.

Two hours of traveling and they arrived at the Noxian outpost. Shen motioned Irelia, she leaped onto a tree silently, and Yi ran into the forests. Shen did the same and Wukong grabbed Lee's arm and run to the back of the outpost.

"So, Lee. Ya' nervous?"
Wukong asked as they ran through the bushes.

"No. I am prepared, and a little excited."
Lee answered.

Four minutes passed and they caught up with Yi. Yi gave them a confident nod and they went to strike the three guards. After easily dispatching them, they awaited Irelia's signal. Five minutes passed, no signal.

"This isn't right,"
Lee said.
"She should of given the signal by now."

Yi gritted his teeth and Wukong scratched his head. Somewhere in the trees awaited Shen. He looked all over the outpost, no sign of Irelia, Yi, Wukong or Lee.

"What's going on.."
He said.
"Where are they.."

Suddenly, he saw multiple guards dashing towards the back of the outpost.

"Oh no.."
Shen said.


Said Wukong, rubbing his rear, as Yi covered his face with his palm.

"I can't believe.. You fell. You weren't even moving!"
Yi yelled.

Lee said.

Wukong growled,
"I'm clumsy!"
He said.

Yi laughed,
"Yeah, you're tripping all over the place."

Lee yelled.

Yelled Yi and Wu.

"Is it me.. Or do you hear the sound of clacking armor and running."
Said Lee, pointed his ear towards the on coming Noxians.

Yi blinked as he dropped his sword and ran, Wukong decoy'd and dashed away, leaving Lee.

"Guys, we might have a problem."
Lee said, turning.

He said.

"Get that Monk!"
Yelled a Guard.

Lee gulped as he tried to run, but tripped on Yi's sword.

The Guards surrounded Lee, and as they raised their weapons to the sky to bring them upon Lee, a Purple aura appeared around Lee. And suddenly, the guards were blown back, and there stood Shen, arms crossed and looking confident.

Shen said, gripping the hilts of his blades.

Lee stood up, and without questioning, ran off. Shen laughed as the guards surrounded him quickly.

"I don't know where you came from, or how you knew your buddy was in danger, but you're gonna wish you let him die!"
The guard said.

Shen looked up and scoffed,
"Don't you know?"

He bent one knee and begin stretching.
He then quickly dashed towards the guard and shouted,
"The Eye of Twilight sees all!"

-End of Chapter One-

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Shen threw his blade into the Guard's chest, dashing to him and kneeing another in the gut, shattering his armor and sending him flying as Shen grabbed his blade from the Guard's chest and slashed his chest and quickly tackled another, snapping his neck. Shen was charged by a large guard, but easily roundhouse kicked him and slammed a fist into his head. Soon after, Shen stood among a pile of corpses. The Commander approached him, slowly clapping and smirking.

"Impressive, Eye of Twilight."
He said, grabbing the hilt of his large axe.
"But, you'll need more than those skills if you wish to beat me."

The Commander roared and charged Shen with the large axe in hand. Shen front-flipped over the Commander and landed on his Shoulders.

"Sloppy work, Noxian. Very sloppy."
Shen said, laughing.

The Commander tried to grab Shen and throw him off, but Shen leaped up to dodge it, in the process, he kicked the Commander's helmet off and landed with easy. The Commander snarled and rubbed his rugged face.

"You'll eat those words, whelp."
He said, picking his helmet up from the ground and placing it on his head.

Shen taunted and motioned for him to charge, the Commander took the bait. He charged at Shen with his axe raised, and inches away from hitting Shen, the axe vanished and the Commander was shocked.

"What the?!"
He yelled as he looked around, his weapon was no where to be found, the same with Shen.

Suddenly, Shen appeared behind him, holding the axe in his left hand.

"Oh don't worry. This occured a few minutes ago."
Shen said, there was then a flash of red and blue.

Shen stood next to the Commander and the Commander had a surprised look on his face. Shen blinked as the Commander coughed up blood. The axe was stuck through his chest and Shen whispered..

"You're just taking a while to catch up."

The Commander fell to his knees, then slammed against the ground. Shen wiped off dust from his armor and smirked.

"Now. Where did my team go."
He said, peering around the camp before sighing.

Shen looked around once more, seeing nothing of interest. He did the Code Whistle, hoping for a response - nothing. Shen blinked.

"Maybe they retreated back to our camp."
He said, leaving the camp.

Three hours later, Shen arrived back at the camp, seeing Yi, Wukong and Lee sitting around the camp fire. Yi stood and bowed.

"Shen! It is great to see that you have survived! We were starting to think you had not survived."
He said.

Shen blinked,
"You all three made it. Where's Irelia."
He said.

Wukong nodded,
"Yeah. We left when we saw that we alerted the guards.. Sorry.."
He said.

Shen looked at Wu, then back to Yi.

"Yi. You left this at the camp."
Shen said as he handed Yi a long sword.

Yi blinked.
"You got it!"
He shouted, grabbing it and bowed.

Lee was silent, mediating. Shen didn't bother him. A few hours passed and they sat around the campfire, telling stories and eating. Shen seemed to be bothered by something the entire time, but spoke of nothing bothersome. Soon, they went to bed, and Shen planned to search for Irelia in the morning, Yi would join him and Lee and Wukong would remain at the camp.

The sun rays beam into the man's tent, as he tossed and turned in his bedroll. The man sits up, yawning. Lee stretched and stepped out of his tent. He took in his surroundings and nodded, knowing Yi and Shen were up and getting ready for their journey, while Wukong overslept. Shen noticed Lee and nodded.

"Then we can go now, Yi. We will be back soon, Lee. Make sure Wukong doesn't do anything too stupid."
He smirked as he stepped towards the forests.

Yi laughed and grabbed his sword.

"Let's go, Shen."
He said.

Shen leaped into the trees, and Yi dashed into the woods.

"Good luck!"
Lee Sin shouted.

Lee stood there, sighing.

"This'll be a boring time, indeed."
He said, looking at Wukong's tent.

Lee entered his tent and began mediating, it was then one hour later when Wukong awoke and began to stretch awkwardly. He looked around.

"Shen? Yi? Lee?"
He said, walking around.

"In here, friend."
Lee said.

Wukong blinked and looked at Lee's tent.
"As long as I'm not alone. Shen and Yi took off then?"
Wukong asked, sitting next to Lee's tent.

"A little more than an hour ago."
Lee replied.

Wukong said.

Lee said.

"So.. Ever just look up into the sky.. And wonder what life is about."
Wukong said.
"Did you see the beautiful stars last night?"
He added.

Lee was silent.

Wukong said.

Lee remained silent.

"What's wr- Oh.. Wait."
Wukong said, remembering the Blindness of the Monk.

"My.. Bad..."
Wukong said.

Wukong sighed and stepped into his tent, laying down. Hours passed and Lee sighed at Wukong's snoring.

"How can someone sleep so much?"
He thought to himself.

He heard something outside of his tent and stepped out, sensing another's presence.

"Who's there?"
Lee said.

A Large, buff man with a large axe looked at Lee and smirked.

The man said as he ran towards Lee with his axe raised.

Who is this man? And what does he want from Lee? Find out in Chapter Three.

-End of Chapter Two-

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I was able to release Chapter Two earlier than I had hoped. Yesness! Anyway, due to some.. Recent things, Chapter Three will be released by the 12th of December hopefully. Maybe even sooner if I can work a few things out. Thank you for reading, and please leave some comments! Your comments encourage me to write!

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Kinda abandoned this story.. I really like it thought.. So I may resume work on this while making part two of the Explorer and Love.

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-Chapter Three-

"You speak of justice," Lee Sin said as the large man brought down his large axe in front of him, "But I feel bad intentions." Lee raised his fists, ready to fight.

"Then I suppose we have different definitions of Justice, Blindfold." The man said.

Lee Sin smirked, waiting for the man to attack.

"Before I kill you, allow me to introduce myself. I am Darius, the Hand of Noxus. You and your ninja friend wiped out a nearby Noxian outpost." Darius said, preparing to attack.

Wukong had been awake during this, but pretended to still sleep.

Lee Sin shook his head, "Orders are orders." He said.

Darius snarled, "Yes. They are!" He yelled, swinging his axe towards Lee Sin. Lee easily rolled backwards and stayed down to dodge the attacks. He then spun his leg around, sending a Sonic Wave towards Darius. The Sonic Wave hit, forcing Darius to stumble backwards. Lee Sin followed the wave up with a Resonating Strike to the face, sending Darius flying backwards. Once landed, Darius stood up.

"You fight well for one who has no eyes, monk." He said, realizing the true skills of Lee Sin.

Lee Sin stood confidently, showing no weakness. "Master yourself, master the enemy. I know you are after Justice and Vengeance, but you will find neither here, friend. Leave now, and live another day." He said.

Darius' eye twitched, and he started laughing loudly. "Retreat? From a blind monk? Aha!" He shouted, a smug smile on his face. "Noxians never run from battle." He said, approaching Lee Sin.

Lee sighed, "Very well.. Just remember I gave you a chance." He said.

Darius charged, but before he could get even close to Lee Sin, Lee slammed an open palm on the ground, sending a powerful shock wave all around him. The shock wave causes Darius to lose his balance, Lee Sin follows up with another Sonic Wave. It hits. Lee Sin raises his foot up, after a moment, it's engulfed in flames and Lee Sin slams the fiery foot into Darius' jaw, and as Darius goes flying into the air, Lee Sin follows up his previous Sonic Wave with a Resonating Strike to Darius' gut. They both fall back to the ground, Lee lands perfectly, while Darius slams into the ground on his back.

"I will give you one last chance. Leave." Lee Sin said, relaxing.

Darius staggered up, clenched his gut and coughed. "I'll... be back, blindfold.. And ve- Vengeance.. will be mine!" He said, turning and limping away.

Lee Sin shook his head, "Vengeance drives a man insane and causes him to lose sight of reality. Who is the blind one now, Darius?" He said.

Darius stopped, turned to look at Lee Sin, but said nothing. He then continued limping away. Lee Sin sat back down, mediating.

"Man!" Wukong yelled, bursting out of the tent and causing Lee Sin to fall down. "You whooped that guy's be-hind!" Wu shouted. "You were like, 'CHOP CHOP CHOP!' and he was like 'AAAH! NOOOO!' Then you were all l-"

"I know, Wukong. I was there." Lee Sin said, interrupting him.

"Oh. Sorry." Wukong said, smiling. "So.. What are we gonna do until Shen and Yi come back?" He asked, sitting down.

"I don't know. Defend the camp?" Lee replied.

Wukong blinked, obviously bored. "Oh." He studied Lee Sin, then copied him in a meditation.


"I'm hungry." Wukong said.

Lee Sin sighed.. "Why me.."

-End of Chapter Three.-

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Chapter Three.. Eh, little short but. Eeeh.. So tired and working on Explorer and Furlglfkegle. Hope you guys stick to my stories. /Ezreal "WHO NEEDS A MAP!?"