Jungling Questions!

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I've really been focusing on my jungling as that's what I like doing and my win rates have been skyrocketing compared to early attempts! I do have some questions regarding the jungle though:

1) When do you normally get your Oracle's? In the pro games I've watched, 10 minutes seems to be the norm, but I'm not sure if that is dictated by time or if something in game triggers them to buy it.

2) How many and how often do you buy wards? My rule of thumb so far is to buy at least 1 ward on every trip back to buy. During the later stages of the game, when I have more gold, I generally buy 2-3 to cover the most important parts of the jungle. I will admit that this rule was born out of necessity because most players don't buy wards at my ELO.

3) I play Skarner almost exclusively as a tank, Mundo or Maokia if Skarner is banned, but have trouble knowing how to build him. In the guides that I've read they have general, heavy AD, and AP defense builds, but I don't know what defines as heavy AP/AD.

When the screen is loading, I check LoLWiki for the champs I don't know to see what their spread is and take the average of all the champs on their team. If the distribution is pretty even between AD/AP, then I go the general build. If it's heavy either way, I choose the other builds. Is this how I should be planning or are there specific champ combos that guide this decision?

4) Is there a trick to ganking mid? I find that nearly all of my mid lane ganks fail early/mid game because the enemy is always close to their tower even when they are pushing pretty hard. I know the run distance between towers mid lane is the shortest, but pros gank so effortlessly that I know I am missing something vital.

5) What kind of cs/kill goals should you be shooting for during the game? For example, laners getting over 70 cs by 10 minutes generally means they are farming at a good rate and those above that number are pretty damn good. Does jungle have anything like this?

Thanks a ton!

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Mid is the hardest lane to gank, the distance to the tower is generally really short and they can also run the opposite direction your coming from up into there own jungle, not to mention a lot have escapes besides flash.

Generally a high ad/ap build is something like merc treads, philosopher stone/ heart of gold which get upgraded, frozen heart can replace randuins, aegis of the legion ( a must have for every team), force of nature/ abyssal specter its unlikely your going to get to this amount of gold, but you could thrown in a GA as well.

You should be warding entrances to your jungle early, possibly there blue, and donating some wards to your lanes mainly your top and mid.

I don't know exact CS numbers for a jungler but if your consistently busy, farm lanes whenever possible, and dont spend to much time waiting for ganks then you should be fine. GP/10 are currently good early buys.

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1. Depends entirely on the jungler. Like, if you're playing Nunu, you just want to be a massive ****** and grab an Oracle's as early as possible. However, if you're playing Master Yi, you might wanna grab damage items over an Oracle's. My rule of thumb for it is that I grab it either after two sucessful ganks before my first back, or if I grab first blood.

2. Get as many wards as you feel you need. If you want to counter-jungle, more wards would be needed. The same if you are GETTING counter-jungled.

3. Heavy AD would be a bruiser in both jungle and top, and a fairly hard carry in bot. An example would be Jax top, Nocturne jungle, and Graves bot. Heavy AP would be a double AP comp with a split damage jungler and AD. An example, Vladimir top, Karthus mid, Udyr jungle, and Ezreal bot.

4. *sigh* I too hate ganking mid. Running up behind the laner from the wraith ramp can help a lot. Also, it helps SO MUCH if the mid laner has a bit of CC and engages for you, and then you just follow up onto it. Also, baiting an engagement from the other laner works so well.

5. Nope. I use levels to indicate my pace in the game, not farm. Like, after the second blue/red spawns, you should be pretty damn close to hitting level 6. Some junglers just clear to get to level 6, (Warwick and Shen), but some just want level 2 so they can start ganking, (Lee Sin and Rengar).

Good luck man!