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Make a anime character a LoL Champion!

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I like this thread but its already been done. My vote goes to Kururu Sumeragi from Air Gear btw. Would be great as a support champion. Now les try to come up with some abilities...


Kururu Sumeragi- The Pledge Queen

Passive- Attunes herself to allies Kururu has recently come in contact with increasing range and movement speed.

Yea thats all I got besides that her ult would be the Pledge Regalia. I suck at this.

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Ippiki Okami

Senior Member


I'll get the obvious one out of the way

Son Goku

AP Burst Caster

Goku uses a new resource called Ki, which caps at 10 charges. he's skills consume ki, if he's ki reaches 0 his ap/armor/MR and movement speed is greatly reduced.

Passive - The lower son gokus hp is the more AP/Armor/Magic Resist he gains. 1 Ki is charged every 2 seconds

Q - Kamehameha - goku fires a Strong Ki beam in a straight line, the longer this skill is charged the more power it becomes. Costs 3 Ki

W - Kioken X1-5(Depending on rank) - Increase gokus Movement speed, AP and Armor, increase as you level this up. Costs 1 Ki per second it's used.

E - Gekkai Dama - Goku raises his hands to the air charging up a powerful aoe attack, the longer this is charged the more powerful it becomes, team mates can right click the orb to increase the damage. Costs 5 ki

R - Super Saiyan-jin 1-3 - Goku transforms into the legendary super saiyanjin greatly increasing all his stats (AP/Armor/MR/Move speed) Rank 1 turns him into SSJ1, rank 2 turns him into SSJ2 rank 3 Changes him into SSJ 3. Each transformaton lasts 15 seconds

Ezreal might be why the downvotes, also Wukong, They also might not like your champion concept.

Want a challenge... Kohta Hirano(with out doing a cait copy+paste), Astroboy, PSY.

Edit: Could go into so much, but I made myself seem nerdy enough already.

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Extra Lunatic

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Itoshiki Nozomu

Role : Support/Sustained damage Mage
All abilities deal magic damage and scale off AP when damage is applied.
His scaling however, should not be that strong as he is a sustained damage mage.

Lore :

Theme :

Passive - Negativity
Itoshiki Nozomu's strong pessimism affect nearby foe, cutting their attack damage by 4/8/12 and their AP by 6/12/18. Upon death, the debuff still aplies around Itoshiki Nozomu's corpse.

Q - Darkness
Itoshiki Nozomu gets on about how his target's life is meaningless and how everything will just end up backfiring at him/her, lowering their movement speed, attack speed and increasing their cooldowns.
Level up - Increases debuff values, duration and mana cost.
This debuff last for 5 seconds can stack up to 5 times.
This ability has a really low cast time, low cost, low cooldown, single target with good range.

W - Gloom
Silences and deal an amount of damage to all enemies in an area around him. Damage is slightly increased with each stacks of Darkness on affected targets. If an affected targets has 3 or more stacks, the silence is turned into a fear.
Level up - Increases damage, silence/fear duration and mana cost
Silence lasts for 1.5 second.
This ability is has no cast, medium cost, medium cooldown, AoE centered around Itoshiki Nozomu.

E - Harshness of Life
A single target nuke that lowers Armor and Magic Resist.
Damage is increased if the target is silenced by Gloom.
Damage is increased and a stun is added if the target is feared by Gloom, the defense shred debuff Gloom is also changed to a similar debuff called "In despair" giving the same shreds.
Level up - Increases damage, Amor and Magic Resist shred and mana cost.
Stun lasts 2 second. Debuff lasts 5 seconds (unless it's In despair which lasts 7 seconds).
This ability has a really low cast time, medium cost, low cooldown, single target.

R - Despair
Zetsubou Sensei enters a monologue on how everything is hopeless and finishes by screaming that he is in despair, dealing moderate damage in a very large area around him over 5 seconds (0.5 seconds tics) and dealing massive damage at the end of it. If the target has the "In despair" debuff a strong slow is applied.
Level up - Increases damage, AoE range and mana cost.
This ability is a 5 second channel through which sustained damage is dealt with a great nuke at the end if fully channeled.

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Extra Lunatic

Senior Member


Kaede, the Diclonius

Support / AP Caster

Passive - For every minute that Kaede remains in one form, her next skill after switching forms gains +10 AP per minute.

Q - (Nyu) Shields all allies around for for a combined total of 50 (+60% AP) for (5/10/15/20/25) seconds. / (Lucy) Reflects the next damage skill used on her, dealing 50% of it's base damage (+50% AP)

W - (Nyu) Unleashes her vectors to bind a target in place for (1/2/3/4/5) seconds. Kaede is unable to move, but may use skills while her target is bound. Unable to switch forms. / (Lucy) Unleashes her vectors to attack all targets in a cone 9 times, dealing 100/150/200 (+65% AP) per hit. Kaede is unable to move while channeling.

E - (Nyu) Shields a single target from a single attack, taking the damage herself. / (Lucy) Unleashes her vectors to attack a single target for 100/200/300 (+20% AP +60% missing HP).

R - Switches between Nyu and Lucy.

No offense dude but I wouldn't put you in charge of balancing champions.

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Rushuna Tendo

Senior Member


Rushuna Tendo - From Grenadier

She uses a new resource system called " Bullets"

Passive 6 Shot Cylinder - Gives Rushuna 6 charges of "Bullets" After the last one is used it takes 6 seconds to Reload the cylinder , She gains MR/Armor per shot missing

Q - Quick Shot - Rushunas next attack is increased by X dmg and increases her attack speed by X% for 6 seconds ( can s tack up to 3 times) consumes 1 Shot 5 second CD

W- Rapid Fire- Rapidly Fires 3 Shots from her revolver in a left to right action in a frontal cone infront doing X dmg.

E-Back Flip- Rushuna Will preform a back flip and shoot a Slag bullet where she was doing X dmg and slowing all enemies hit by the slag bullet

R- Ultimate Reload- Rushuna Instantly Reloads her Revolver regaining all 6 Bullets Ultimate Reload can be reactivated to Shoot a True Shot Bullet up to 6 times ( Skill shot aim required)
1st shot X damage
2nd shot X dmg + X Armor/MR Shred
3rd shot X dmg + Reapplies Armor/mr Shred + X Slow

Each Shot after the third will deal X dmg and reapply Armor shred

If all 6 shots hit the same target the target has his armor and MR heavily reduced and the 6 bullets pierce through the target dealing X dmg to anything behind the target.

( Each bullet hits each other to increase penetrating power IE >>>>>&gt

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Inb4 Haruhi and Ezreal joke.

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Kirino Kosaka, the Bro-con Imouto


Passive- Kirino-chan is constantly at war with Kuroneko and anytime there is a cat on the enemy team, Kirino-chan's cooldowns are reduced by 1 second. If there are no cats on the enemy team, Kirino-chan laughs at her teen-complex anime watching enemy, gaining an additional 5 gold per 10 seconds.

Q- (O-o-oniichan! Watashi no heya kara dete iku!) Kirino-chan invites Kyousuke to her room but then becomes upset because he is so dense at times. Kirino speeds up target ally for X% for 3 seconds, with the speed increasing with additional AP (+60%AP/1%MS).

W- (Chi-chi-chigau! Watashi wa suki de anata ikenai!) Kirino becomes defensive of anyone accusing her of getting along with her brother or Kuroneko, defending herself from all incoming magic and physical attacks by X% for 3 seconds, and stunning the first person to land an attack on her for .5 seconds when first activated.

E- (H-hontou ni?) Kirino lowers her tsundere defenses for a split second, allowing her true feelings to show through and striking the enemy with a strong moe feeling, causing 80/100/120/140/160 magic damage(+70%AP) and lowering the enemy's magic and attack damage by 10/15/20/25/30 for 3 seconds.

R- (Hoshikuzu☆Uicchi Meruru!) Kirino's love for Meruru becomes so strong she is able to call upon Meruru, a mahou shoujo, to relentless smack a targeted enemy on the head dealing 150/200/250 magic damage over 5 seconds (+60%AP), and each hit slows the target by 5%/6%/7% (does not stack).

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Extra Lunatic:
No offense dude but I wouldn't put you in charge of balancing champions.

Neither would I o_o

I would pick a champion I would love to have, and make them OP as all hell. Kind of like the one I posted here.

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Anime has to be the worst thing ever invented. In fact, japanese culture blows in general.

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no, please no