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Cant start LoL after system restore roll back

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IsC Leona



Look into my log folder and this is what I have

--- Log started at Sat Oct 06 06:52:35 2012

000000.000| 43784.0000kb| 43784.0000kb added| ERROR| Failed to open "DATA\Spells\SpellMetaData.txt"
000000.000| 43856.0000kb| 72.0000kb added| ERROR| Can't open input file DATA\Spells\SpellMetaData.txt
000000.140| 192836.0000kb| 148980.0000kb added| ALWAYS| Global Log Level set to WARN
000000.140| 192884.0000kb| 48.0000kb added| ALWAYS| Build Version: Version (Sep 11 2012/18:14:38) [PUBLIC] <__MAIN__>
000001.508| 196168.0000kb| 3284.0000kb added| ERROR| Crash Occurred
000001.508| 196180.0000kb| 12.0000kb added| ALWAYS| Dumping Memory Logging
000001.511| 196244.0000kb| 64.0000kb added| ERROR| Crash Occurred
000001.511| 196244.0000kb| 0.0000kb added| ALWAYS| Dumping Memory Logging

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Senior Member


I have the same problem! it doesn't open, and I just did a system restore so I must have the same problem. I've even tried reinstalling and I've trying repairing, all that. Bump!