@Riot - Suggestion for better recommended items

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From another thread:


every week, everyone gets a vote on the recommended items for free-to-play champions
votes are weighted by your ranked solo q elo
if you are unranked, your vote is weighted by 10 x summoner level

the 6 items you choose are classed as
offensive item
defensive item
hybrid offense/defense item (eg. frozen mallet, wits end)
classes are automatically assigned by riot

you can only choose 1 boot, and any mixture of offence, defence, or hybrid items

the most popular boot will be listed as a recommended item
the mixture of offence, defence/ hybrid recommended items will be determined by the popularity of each class as an aggregate, as a percentage of the total number of votes for items other than boots. eg, if 20% of votes go towards offense, 49% defense, and 29% for hybrid:
1 recommended item will be offensive
2 recommended items will be defensive
2 recommended items will be hybrid

the most popular defensive item will be recommended
the 2 most popular offensive items will be recommended
the 2 most popular hybrid items will be recommended

i think the system has to be this complicated so that one item type does not dominate a champion.
eg. if items are not classed, offensive items might dominate (ap mages) or defensive items dominate (tanks) without allowing for some tankiness or extra dmg (respectively) even though that may be the optimal mixture that's recommended by the majority of voters.

not sure on the feasibility of implementing such a vote system, but I think it'll be great, allowing players easier access to how a champion should be built and played in the current meta. the recommended items will change accordingly over patches, and assuming most players vote in good faith, trolls will have little effect in recommending bad items (eg dfg on garen)

variations to the vote system:
1. only allow players to vote for a champion if they win a pvp game with that champion
2. open the voting to all available champions
3. additional item classes like utility
4. allowing players to decide when voting, what class their recommended item belongs in (tho this may be abused by trolls - spam thornmail as an offensive item.. so you get a higher % of offensive items recommended, but as thornmail is an unpopular offensive item, less popular offensive items may be recommended at the cost of less popular defensive items not being recommended when they rightfully should.
5. allowing players to vote on the item class that items belong in (open to troll)
6. rather than having to actively vote, votes are automatically tallied depending on the items you bought playing that champion. this will be highly immune to trolls. double weighting for won games, that or half weighting for lost games - same effect. may way to adjust some numbers around, but the idea is there. votes are only tallied for pvp games - normal, draft, solo q
7. different recommended items for 3s, soloq, arranged5s, blind, normal draft, dominion

Advantages to this system:
1. helps new players learn the game faster
2. helps older players see at a glance changes in the current meta by simply looking at recommended items - without the hassle of looking over 100+ guides (usually >1 guide per champ), doing independent research and testing, making sure guide-maker is legit/relevant, etc.

1. may be costly to implement
2. most likely will not show optimal builds, but rather - most successful builds as used by the majority of the player base. that is, recommended items not completely relevant for top competitive play. This may harm the development of the game if people overvalue recommended items


Suggested system for recommended items that will reflect how a champion is optimally built in current meta - without the risk of relying on out-of-date guides

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Ippiki Okami

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You know the items reconmended are not the best items for X champs, but the items X concept person had in mind when making the champion.

For, point them in the dirrection than, this is how you should build.