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Dream Team Game

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Senior Member


Post your dream dream team and a counter team to the preceding's players team!

Amumu jungle
Sona support
Galio mid
Jayce top
Graves adc

I like my AoE cc's...

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Magus Crow

Senior Member


Dream Team:
Top: Kennen
Mid: Morgana
Jungle: Amumu
Support: Sona
ADC: Miss Fortune

Quite a bit like OP's but with MORE AOE ultimates.

Counter team to OP:
Jungle: Shyvanna (speed jungler and counter jungle pro... keepin' the mumu down)
Support: Taric (Not really much of a counter so much as a strong initiate + Armor aura + heal ability)
Mid: Corki (How do we beat anti-AP mid? Send an ADC to do the job. Specifically one of the best pokers in the game).
Top: Kennen (Jayce doesnt really have any counters. So you pretty much get stuck throwing someone that doesnt really have any counters back at him.)
ADC: Ezreal (Ez's W counters Graves' dash AS boost and Ez can out poke Graves hard. So long as Ez doesnt let Graves blast him in the face with burst damage he wins the lane).