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Laning as Vayne

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I like playing Vayne, but I have the problem that I get pushed out of lane alot, because she's so squishy. Draven, Cait, Graves and Varus, not to mention the supports such as Leona, Blitzcrank, Taric and Soraka can just beat you up if you come anywhere near the creeps.

I've tried being more aggressive, more passive, but the enemy can either out damage me or zone me. The only thing that works is letting the turret go down, and then farming when the enemy leaves the lane. A little like the pre-rework eve.

So, does Vayne just lose most of her matchups, or am I getting the wrong items? I start with boots-3 and get 2-3 Doran's Blades.

Does she completely rely on her support?

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Owl Be Back

Senior Member


vayne always has it rough in lane.

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Vayne is one of the weakest laners in the game, the reason behind this is because she has one of the best late games as well.

Supports run bot lane, depending on how good your support, is how well the laning phase is going to go.

Typically you just want to farm cs the best you possibly can, if they come in to harass, counter harass or back off, alot of the aggression should be held off by your support.

This next part is true for all AD carrys ~ Follow up, wait for engagements from your Support/Jungler, go in and dish out the pain.

Vayne can build different items depending on what you want out of her, a common build is as follows.
Boots3pot -> double dorans -> beserker greaves & vamperic scepter -> Zeal/BF Sword -> Blood Thirster -> Phantom Dancer -> Guardian Angel or Quicksilver Sash -> Last Whisper -> 2nd Phantom Dancer or IE.

I find the follow Supports to work well with Vayne.
Soraka: Works with everyone, restores health/mana, grants armor/mr
Sona: Massive poke damage, decent sustain.
Blitzcrank: Because of hook, you can land perfect condemns, great combo
Alistar: Pretty similar to Blitzcrank, also has some healing

Skill Order:
Q at 1 allows for repositioning & increased damage
E at 2 knockback for disengage or pinning people to walls
W at 3 silver bolts 3 hit combo allows for good trading
Max R whenever possible, followed by Q then W lastly E.

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As already discussed she has a complete trash lane phase.

I learned support specifically to help with my friend who really loves playing vayne and what I've found works best for him is just very, very passive farming while I play very aggressive supports.

Basically you want your support pick and playstyle to be very aggressive to keep pressure off of vayne which lets her just sneak in and out of range to pick up cs. Then once she gets a bit of exp and farm under her belt, I can just go a touch more aggressive and we can start pulling off some very nice exchanges (keep in mind her ranges though and leave yourself enough time to counter engage before they can truly react and out trade you)

Common pick for me with him was blitz.

Level 1-3 I simply position aggressively. Make them waste their early wards. I don't WANT to grab them at this point and am simply posturing and forcing them to focus on me rather than vayne so she can get her farm.

Level 3-6 I actually want to start grabbing them now (I can chain CC with grab, condemn and knockup and have enough in W that I can run away) but we do NOT want to go balls deep in most cases, especially without a jungler. I generally try to land a grab around level 4 just to get some damage on them and if lucky we can force them to base or even grab a kill. Mostly I'm just trying to prove "yah, i can hook you, you better play passively versus us!"

Level 6-12: Now that blitz and Vayne have ult, they have a real shot at killing their opponent and Vayne should hame first item(s) (I generally see my friend go greaves, vamp scepter and zeal start but Dorans are always nice depending on lane is going). At this point it all becomes a game of map control and posturing. If they mess up then I need to abuse their positioning and vayne needs to be ready to follow up and destroy them. On the other hand, if she's out of position then I need to be ready to counter engage (soak up as much attention and damage as I can, preferably without dying, and CC'ing as many of their dps targets as possible)

Late Game/Teamfights. Outside of rocket grab engages, my entire purpose is 'peel for carry'. This is fairly standard for most blitz's but it's even more important when supporting a vayne. She has a much harder time staying alive in fights than many other carries (less effective gap closer/reposition, less range/poke than most and less tanykness than some)

Ok so how does this have anything to do with how to play Vayne? It's because she's TEAM RELIANT.

Her laning phase is trash, her teamfights rely on good peeling (more so than many other carries). As a result she is completely dependent on her team knowing not only how to play the game well together, but how to best snowball and defend a vayne player which is getting to be a rarer and rarer sight.

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Sparkling Joe

Junior Member


In a way, yeah, Vayne does rely on her support. Her early game is arguably the worst of all the champs, and she can only get kills if the thing she's trying to kill is focused on something else.

Early on i'd recommend just poking with Tumble and hiding behind your creep wave. Be patient and wait for jungle to help out, when he does, even if it's a steal, take as many kills as possible. If you get a fed Vayne victory is virtually guaranteed.

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The trick is to use Tumble to "animation cancel" your auto-attacks.

As you go up to last hit a minion, if you see an enemy about to harass you, just tumble backwards. The movement portion of the spells is a million times better than the measly damage bonus.

You can do the same trick as harassment. As an enemy goes up to last hit, auto-attack them then tumble to safety. They won't have enough time to counterattack.