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Champion Concept: Tessa, the Earth's Warden

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Name: Tessa, the Earth's Warden
Roles: Support, Mid
Lore Hook: Muted, Unattractive Rival of Janna
Resource: Mana
Attack Type: Ranged

Passive: Grounding
All members of Tessa's team gain 5 Tenacity.

Justification: As a counter-point to Janna's movement speed buff, Tessa believes more in stability than flightiness, and her presence causes the ground itself to steady champions against the crowd control of enemies.

Ability One: Stonestep
Tessa creates a pillar at target location and steps into the ground, becoming untargetable. She moves beneath the ground towards the pillar, and when she reaches it, she appears where the pillar was placed and the pillar explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Justification: A unique movement-based skill. Acts as an escape mechanism as well as an initiation mechanism, and offers her the defensive benefit of untargetability, as well as a small temporary terrain. A long cooldown and heavy mana cost could mitigate the power, making it a skill that is saved until the right moment.

Ability Two: Stone Shards (Toggle)
Tessa's basic attacks cause a shard of stone to fire directly behind her target, dealing magic damage to enemies struck. If it strikes a champion, an additional shard will be fired. (Max 3 shards per attack)

Justification: I think that whichever designer said that making auto-attacks satisfying was right. Attacking an enemy should be satisfying and help your team. Very few supports dare auto-attack because the motivation to is rarely there. This will make her a presence just with her attack range, with the possibility of hitting multiple champions in team fights.

Ability Three: Landslide
Tessa summons an earth elemental that passively gives her Tremorsense, allowing her to detect nearby champions regardless of concealment. Activating the ability will send the earth elemental towards target location. When the elemental reaches its destination, it will knock up and damage nearby champions. Ability can be cast a second time to change its destination before it reaches the first destination.

Justification: Janna's air elemental needs a counterpoint! Tremorsense offers a slight benefit in that it allows her to check bushes without walking into them, as well as detecting nearby stealthed champions. By making it have a very small range, it ensures that whenever she utilizes it, she is in danger of being attacked by enemy champions.
The active portion gives her a moderate cooldown crowd control effect linked to a unique skillshot mechanic. Being able to change where the elemental is going has two uses: To change the threatened area, and activating it early when it touches a champion to get the benefit.

Ability Four (Ultimate): Stoneprison
Cast on ally: The ally receives a powerful shield, but becomes rooted in place for three seconds or until the shield breaks.
Cast on enemy: The ally becomes surpressed for three seconds, but becomes untargetable and immune to damage. (Does not require channel.)
Casting this ability a second time within three seconds will end either effect early. If she does so when this ability is cast on an ally, the shield disappears.

Justification: This is the ability that inspired this character. It's essentially a 'time-buying' ability reminiscent of the patience of a mountain. When cast on an ally it gives them free time to do damage or wait for cooldowns, but stops them in their tracks. The shield should be powerful- Shen's ultimate powerful- to make up for the tradeoff.
When cast on an enemy, it effectively takes them out of a fight for three seconds. The enemy is safe inside their rocky tomb, but in three seconds Tessa's allies may position themselves to capitalize on the bought time, escaping a gank or positioning pushes and pulls to make maximum use of the time. Casting it on a carry in a team fight can buy time to widdle away at the rest of the team or set up to destroy them when the effect ends.
Finally, being able to end it early means that if you don't need all the time, or a key enemy ultimate has just been blocked, you can get things moving again, forfeiting the rest of the effect in exchange.

I do not dare offer numbers because that's something best determined through hours of playtesting and not a player's imagination.

Thoughts on the mechanics?