Champion: Singed Nemesis

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Newest champs are already nemesis, Rengar, Kha. Brothers, Darius, Draven. We need the next mounted champion. A Singed a Harley Davison, or just in one of those big motorcycles. I don't care about the name, or title. Riot can make good lore for him.


Q: Smoke (dps) getting out of motorcycle. Similar to Singed "Q". It will be great to be an energy champ for with that kind of spell, or to be secs base, not forever like Singed.

W:Go to enemy target and stun it.

E:Makes a quick u-turn( aoe, slow) and speed up.

R: Run foward, like Hecarim, but more distance, making (dps), and at the end makes 3 drifts making aoe dps, fear.

Just an idea. It will be fun to have a similar to Singed champ, in a motorcycle....The smoke