Allia-The Elementalist

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Lord of Apoc

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(Concept is a work in progress please respect that all the current descriptions will be changed)

Class: Ranged, Mage


Passive: Essence of Elements.
Every time Allia casts a spell she gains essence. She cues up three essences based on her last three spell casts gaining a passive buff and changing her ultimate based on the element.
Wind: Allia gains 10% movement speed.
Magma: Allia's auto attacks deal damage over time equal to 10% of her attack damage.
Frost: Allia's next ability slows her target by 25%.

Q: Wind Sheer.

W: Magma Burst.

E: Frosted Bolt.

R: Rush of Elements Allia's ultimate differs between the currently cued elements.
Wind/Wind/Wind: Hurricane: Allia places a massive storm over a set area dealing damage over time and slow those within.
Magma/Magma/Magma: Delta Petra: Allia Calls a massive asteroid to cause a massive explosion dealing instantaneous damage to all within the area.
Frost/Frost/Frost: Sub Zero: Allia Eminates a massive frozen shock wave around her freezing all withing the blast and dealing magic damage.
Frost/Wind/Magma: Ultimate End: Allia Blasts a set area on the map for huge amounts of damage and creates an impassible wall for a few seconds.