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Champs to Master

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Hi guys!
I just started playing ranked, and I have a slew of champs that I have gotten: some I can play, some I can't. I play top, adc, and jungle. I would like to limit myself to 3 champions to each role that I want to really get good at, that would fit different team comps, such as:
Top: Tanky, late-game, DPS
Jungle: Late-game, tanky, counter-jungling
ADC: farm/late game, aggressive, balanced
Which champs would you recommend to make a balanced choice of champs I can play that fit different team comps?

What 3 champs for top, jungle and adc should I master to do good in ranked?

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Top: Jax, Irelia, or Olaf. They probably fill your desire the best, and are the most reliable.

Jungle: Mundo, Udyr, or Skarner. They're all really solid.

ADC: Graves, Sivir, or Corki.

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Yorick - Lane bully, easy to CS, strong early / mid, a tanky nightmare late.

Shen - If you ever get a chance to pick him, you will win the game. Deals an obscene abount of damage with a Wits End and a Sunfire. Great teamfighter / laner, ulti wins games.

Jayce - Strong as hell, not often banned or picked, hard to counter, is good all around the entire game. *COUNTERS DARIUS*


Amumu - Not a good champ to pick every single game, but he is an awesome initiator, and he ganks HARD. Be mindful people will try to steal your blue buff, but his ability to deal constant AOE damage and lock people down in teamfights late makes up for his weaknesses.

Nunu - Can't counter jungle better than this guy. Your route starts in the enemy jungle, while he may not deal alot of damage, he has alot of soft Cc and buffs, and you can garuntee alot of kills for your lanes and snowball (no pun intended) them, and honestly, as a jungler you should be trying to give your lanes most of the kills anyways.

Nocturne - If you need to deal lots of damage as the jungler, this is your guy. He starts off a little slow IMO, but his late game is INSANE. In teamfights 40 min in, you are pretty much garunteed to get on their carries, CC them, and make someone waste a spell trying to CC you.

Udyr - Had to give this guy a shout out just because of how awesome he is. Nobody really plays him anymore, but he is a beast in the jungle. You can straight up 1v1 90% of the other junglers in the game if you get even a little bit ahead of them. He has a hard CC attatched to a speed buff, and deals lots of damage even when built tanky.

ADC: Since you should be last hitting with AA's for 90% of your last hits, all ADC's are great farmers.

Sivir - Dat. Spell. Sheild. Dat. Burst. Sivir is a bit more tricky to pick up than other ADC's, however, she is the best there is IMO. Late game, you are a walking pentakill that brings more than just raw damage to your team. Her ult is a big help to bruisers, and even your AP's and supports, as it allows them to reposition much better in fights. Sivir is most effective in lane when you lane with someone like Taric / Leona / Alistar / Blitz who can lock someone down in one place while you blow them up with her combo. Great farmer. Also, did I mention the spellsheild? You can bait BIG abilities from your opponents with it, and turn a fight around.

Graves - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-yg3w6rToI Nuff said. In all seriousness, his burst is insane, he can bully a lane, and works VERY well with Soraka (Lol Buckshot spam). His Quickdraw allows you to not need to build attack speed as badly, freeing up your build of the early zeal (assuming you run the cookie cutter build) and you Zerkers Greaves > double Dorans > BT, and still have a strong auto attack while your abilities are on CD, and allowing you to play him as an AD caster, since his abilities scale so well. Great farmer.

Ashe - She doesn't fit into very many team comps to be honest. However, if you have a team that lacks CC and utility, this is a good pick to be able to pull out. Her ult is AMAZING for initiating fights, and her slow is nice for chasing. You're still the carry, so you will do alot of damage, just not as much as Sivir of Graves.

Kog'Maw - Another honorary mention. This guy is mean as hell late game. You will shred ANYONE you target, even tanks. His armor pen and % health damage are borderline OP, however his lack of escapes and weaker early game hurt him. Kog'Maw Really needs a team built around making sure he stays alive no matter what. I would pick this monster every time you have a Yorick or Zilean on your team, since he is capable of carrying fights 5v1 if left unchecked. (Just ask CLG NA.)

Hope that helped, GL on learning these guys if you agree with anything I've said.

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Jax, Irelia, Jayce

Maokai, Shyvana, nocturne

Ezreal, graves, Corki (If you want a real challenge try practicing vayne)

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Singed: He is a champion that you do not see often, specially in the 1k-1.2k elo range. Due to this people do not know how to handle him. pick him up, run teleport and ghost. Just keep pushing the lane while farming and helping the team.

Yorick: has no real hard counter, can potential destroy other top laners.

Jayce: has great dmg potential with his E>Q combo, amazing poke through his cannon stance. A must have champ to master atm.


Skarner: he is an amazing jungler, his pre-6 ganks are alright if you know how to use his speed. However from level 6 and his purchase of a sheen he becomes an unstoppable force.

Maokai: great early game ganks, combined with an incredible team fighting ultimate. Just an all round good jungle if a tank is needed

Hecarim: underestimated, but he has amazing dmg coupled with a sheen. His speed boost from E allows for some inventive ganks that are almost undetectable due to 550-650 run speeds (this is with triforce). Also comes with an amazing team fighting ultimate.


Miss Fortune: she is starting to gain favor again, her recent alterations has made her play style a lot smoother. If you are able to master her Q you will be able to poke incredibly in lane and due to her naturally high HP will be hard to kill. Her ultimate is also a lot more interactive now, remember to use her ult before the fight as a poke, sometimes using it in a fight will be the end of you.

Ezreal: high mobility good poke. strong all game. Since positioning is a key aspect to ADCing ezreals E helps to maintain proper positioning that will help you win key trades in and out of lane.

Tristana/kogmaw: these 2 are both hyper carries, however due to this they both struggle in lane. They both require a support that understands this and focuses on surviving and farming rather than lane dominance. (tristana is easier than kogmaw to lane with due to her escape). These champs are both fun to play around with, but they do require a different mindset than the standard ADC.

Hope this helps, my #1 out of all these champs will have to be singed. he can out harass up to 3 people solo. just keep running and laughing. Good Luck