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ranked duo needed

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Please currently be over 1300 elo im goin between 1225 ish right now but i can't past the 1240 mark and I need someone who is higher than me so that hopefully i can play with more experienced teammates who I dont have to carry every game. I play jungle and top mainly but I can do it all. I say that because i have currently been admiring jayce and do fairly well top with him with positive scores and I mean like 16-3, 7-1, 8-3, 12-2, those were some of my latest and I continue to win my lane top as we all know jayce is a tough top to beat. However the other lanes either feed badly or give free cs which leads to me joining them in an undeserved lost . If you can help me and would like to duo ranked please add me (pdugg45). I need someone who doesnt tunnel vision under turrets for kill, rather be safe than sorry, doesnt over extend, and knows how to finish games. For once I want someone telling me what strategy to do to finish a game not the other way around lol. I constantly have to ping or type little clues to unexperienced players or summoners who just don't care about winning very much. Add me so we can go far. I do have skype btw and I'm not a rager I enjoy lol itself and just want to win. Is that to hard to ask????