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3/5 DC from ranked game?

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This just happened to me, 3/5 of my teammates (Including myself) randomly disconnected at multiple points throughout the game. 2 of us disconnected while the game was loading (i thought it was just a slow load at first, then it completely stopped) which resulted in myself and the friendly sion getting into the game at about 7+ mins in. At which time all of the enemies were already above level 5, with us still at one. Then at about 10 mins in, YI and Sion disconnected and reconnected about 3-4 times each, and i disconnected once as well. The enemy team seemed to no be suffering from the same bugs, though this definitely gave an unfair advantage to them. Any chance i could get a loss prevented/some sort of rollback on that game? It really doesn't seem fair that i loose even more elo thanks to bugs :/