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Thank you for the honor system Pt.2

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Yes I love the honor system as well and find it unfortunate that people cant honor those in custom games... Now if only we could queue for aram (with penalty for jumping) it'd be another thing to be thankful for?

I just think it'd be a great idea to have a queue. Alot of people jump in ARAM because they dont like the champion the get. Also, you could add the option to queue with friends and have them paired on random teams or opposite teams. It'd make ARAM alot more fun. Not many people did ARAM before but the community was pretty good. Now with a new map and spells some no so sportsman like people are joining. I think it would be nice to honor those who fight valiantly and display teamwork. I had a pretty good ARAM where I'd say 4/10 people probably deserved honor, and I'm fairly tight with the honor I hand out.