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Twisted Fate Visual Upgrade (Fan created)

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I am Bret, a professional 3D artist that works in the video game industry. My latest personal project was a (non-official) visual upgrade for Twisted Fate.

It was a total coincidence that I finished this right around the time that Riot released their official remake of TF.

I wanted to stick close to the original model but obviously push him. The old TF has a really big upper body and actually, if you look at the model... He seems like he would be really beefy. I liked that idea... He was once friends with Graves, and he is a strong dude, so I decided to make TF more of a masculine beefy dude and more "hero-ish" like a graves... but still staying true to his colors and what made TF, TF. :P

Anyways... I hope you enjoy. Feedback is appreciated.

*edit* For you people who know about 3D this model is about 10k triangles. This is a 1024x1024 map used and it is hand painted diffuse only. I baked in some lighting information, but that is about all. Rendered in Marmoset.

Here is a link to my Deviant Art where I have a few other 3D works... I have a Shaco fan creation there as well. http://bretmcnee.deviantart.com/