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CLG NA cannot get better unless they drop HotshotGG...

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Okay, so, clearly some people are simply playing the HateshotGG card, and some are retarded and kissing his tail. In my objective opinion:

HotshotGG isn't a jungler. He had a huge name for himself top, and he was good at it. Anybody who will argue that is stupid. So, what are his failings as a jungler?
1. The picks. Mundo was dumb. Mundo has no lane presence. Against a shyvanna, you'd be okay. I think he was against an.. ali? or maokai? The point is: you KNEW they were ganking.... and Hotshot.... Hotshot don't like ganking. Honestly, his jungle looks like mine. (I'm a terrible jungler.) But he's a great player in general!
2. The ganks. I kinda covered this above. Basically, he doesn't like to gank, and play these aggressive, baby-sit type junglers, which are what's trending and popular now. Most junglers have a huge lane pressence, and he just doesn't. If he had Wicked top, and reggy mid, that might be okay. But he doesn't, and this style doesn't work. They need Stvicious back. They need that aggression.
3. He made some stupid decisions. He did give away a few oracles. He did make some dumb picks. He did some dumb ****. Now, I'm going to say this here, cause I'm not sure where to put it: dat meta... The Asian meta is so... not NA. We saw it screw with Dignitas in the second group. We saw Invictus doing stuff that frankly SK and CLG didn't know how to react to. It really hurt the decision making. CLG and Hotshot were not prepared to see people doing the kind of stuff that happened. The meta is designed to dump on ours, and it does a fairly good job, assuming we don't adapt.
4. Doublelift wasn't allowed to carry. Be it due to the bad pick, the lack of lane presence, or simply bad decisions, doublelift didn't get fed. Statistically, doublelift needs to get fed. It's how CLG wins. (Read the rest of this post before you flame me for this.)
Summary: Hotshot needs his lanes to win so that he can farm and play his game.

Stuff that isn't Hotshot's fault:
1. Voyboy loses his lanes without jungler presence. He's not HotshotGG. He doesn't make plays. He doesn't get into and out of fights like he should. He's simply not Hotshot, and he's not winning lanes 1v1, or making big plays late game. He's a "nonfactor." He helps, but he doesn't win it for CLG.
2. Bigfatlp is a passive mid. I was listening to Elementz the other day talk about what the NA meta was moving toward in terms of mid lanes, and he says that picks like Kat, Dianna, and (of course) Morg are becoming favored because they can roam and snowball the game, while having lategame presence. Bringing it back to CLG, Bigfat was never, and will never be Reginald. Looking all the way back, even to a year ago, Bigfat's lanes were always CS based. Very few kills, very few deaths. He plays a lot like Scarra, in that he farms, and that's almost all he wants to do. Except Scarra is less passive that Bigfat. My point here is: Bigfat is great in a teamfight, but nobody fears him in lane.
3. Chauster doesn't win trades. IDK what it is exactly, but Chauster never seems to get ahead bot lane in trades. (I'm not a support player.) When your support doesn't help you win most of the trades, it's hard to be a fed ADC, and hard not to need your jungler.
4. Doublelift isn't getting fed. This is an outshot of the point above, but the premise is that Doublelift will carry, but he is never fed enough to do it.
Summary: CLG NEEDS a jungler with lane presence, which Hotshot isn't giving them.

TL;DR HotshotGG is a great player who will make big plays. He is also a human, who will make mistakes, even in a championship series. Hotshot's jungle style doesn't support CLG's needs in lane, and vice versa. They need another jungler, or Hotshot has to change. The reason this doesn't hold true when mostly NA/EU teams are in the mix is.... well.... the Asians' strategies are designed to dump on our meta. And they're good at it. As long as Hotshot and CLG can get to a teamfight reasonably even, they stand a chance. The thing is, the Asian meta doesn't allow that like ours does.

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The real reason that CLG keeps losing is that they are children. They have the work ethic of high schoolers and the emotional maturity of 12 year olds. Until they become adults they will not be able to advance. The whole thing about practicing harder after Korea... the reason they failed is because they realized that practicing hard was actually hard, so they stopped.