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General Tank Runes

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Pen is Hungry

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for some experienced players really familiar with this game to please tell me some good strategies for tank runes. I understand the effective health points vs armor on most champions, but I'm still struggling with what combination of masteries and runes to use while playing some of the following tanks, or tanky dps.

Shen: He was completely re-worked so I'm not sure what to do with him anymore.

Alistar: Besides philosophers stone and heart of gold its hard to say what to use on him.

Rammus: I'm guessing he purely benefits from Physical Defense Runes and Masteries.

Galio: Does anyone even play him anymore?

Leona: Is she a valid tank?

Maokai: ??

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A general rune page that I use for tanks

Quints Move Speed
Seals Armor
Glyphs Magic Resist per Level
Marks Magic pen/ Armor Pen

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well i play galio, shen and leona. For shen i jsut go straight health....because his passive uses it, and it also affects his abilities like q. I buy the armor/mr he needs based on opposing team comp. Galio, you want to stack MR of course...cause of his passive.YOu dont reallywant to play galio unless opposing team has like 3 AP champs. For leona, i actually prefer stacking a lot of regen...cause it helps sustain in the laning phase, and she already can get very good MR/AR from her ability and that has diminishing returns. Yes leona is an awesome tank and practically unkillable if you got some farm with her.

galio and leona i use mpen marks...shen i use Attack speed.

for glyph i do mr/level for shen and galio and cdr for leona