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Championship Riven - Thoughts/Feedback/Initial Impressions

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While I respect the opinions of the people who dislike the design of the sword, I also disagree with them.

Im sorry, but if you dont like the design of the sword and only like swords with points... theres other Riven skins that have that for you. Personally I think its great... and while others have brought up the fact that her animations may not match up perfectly with the sword design to try to prove their point, I would rather have them change animations than the design of the sword.

After looking at the model doing a crit with the ult active, yes it does look a bit odd. But it also appears that they edged the end of the blade to try to appease the people who might complain. Is it the perfect solution? No. But at least its not a blunt end like some seem to be claiming. And while the non-crit swing with ult active might not be perfect, I think its good enough without going in and changing her animations completely.

The fact is, they went with a theme (the II obviously). Did they go too far with it? Maybe. Thats up for debate. But I like the fact that they went outside the "All swords have points" design and did something different, and hope to see more interesting weapon designs for Riven and future champions that maybe dont fit people's idea of what that weapon should look like.

Anyone who dislikes the look of the sword, you're entitled to your opinion. But you more than likely arent even the majority. There are probably just as many who like it as dislike it.