ADC Looking for Team

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I'm currently looking for team to play serious with through season 3. I have spent all of season 2 improving my adc skills and have climbed from 700 elo to 1200+. It may be a low elo but my ADC stats speak for themselves.

Caitlyn: 19-8:3.6 KDA
Miss Fortune: 18-7:3.8 KDA
Tristana: 12-4:3.4 KDA
Kogmaw: 5-2:2.6 KDA
Varus: 8-4:2.6 KDA

I can competently play every ADC in ranked other than Corki and I'm currently working on him. But again like I said I would just like a chance to find a serious season 3 team.
If interested message me on league, CBlanton09, or through email,