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First Impressions Mac LoL

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Works pretty good with a few problems i've found so far.
* First thing i noticed, PvP.Net colors aren't showing quite as vibrant as they do on the PC version.
*In Game sound is quite as rich. (at first it sounded liek it was coming through super ****ty speakers, that seemed to go away after a little while.
*when you first load into the game it freezes for about 4 seconds. it has done this every time so far that I have noticed.
* Occasionally upon leaving a game then coming back a characters full model wont load (e.g. ther was a game where morde was just a floating cape)
* Some of the fonts are terribad. i like the ones for Pc better)
* the fonts on Pvp.net looks the same but like they were in bold?
* The major one for me is that when running dual monitors, the other one would get locked out so when i was trying to make my screen scroll my mouse would go really far over. so if you could lock that edge so the mouse couldn't leave the playing field it would really help, really disrupts game play.
*the game seemed to run a bit slower, had to lower my graphics settings from what i typically use.
* some issues with the launcher, e.g. If for some reason the session closes or you quit. you cant make the launcher screen go away, and you cant quit it or make it launch the LoL sign in page, I had to log off my computer and log back in in order to start LoL again. a little bit frustrating. hope this is useful.
* Having alot of problems getting the game to even start up in general.

*will update as i discover more things. Thanks

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I hope this is useful riot. i would love to see this take off on mac. i think there is something about your game that will apeal to the mac gaming audience. its a nice stylized. look beautiful.