Questions for Mundo

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1.) What are some good runes, that provide all the tankiness needed and regen?

2.) I jungle with him, so what is a good skill order?

3.) What items should I rush as jungle Mundo?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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Magus Crow

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1: I'd say Attack Speed Reds, Armor Yellows, MR/ level blues and Armor Quints.

2: Start Burning Agony then Cleaver. Fill out your kit at 3 and max Burning Agony first then max Masochism as I think the AD steroid is better than the % damage from cleaver.

3: Mundo can build straight tank mode if he wants to. I'd try to grab a Heart of Gold and then rush Warmog's and then consider Spirit Visage or Randuin's next. You tend to end up with something like Merc Treads / Ninja Tabi, Warmog's, Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen, Aegis and Force of Nature for a final build.

Here's a decent guide by Oddone to look at:

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Unholy Fenrir

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1. id change the armor quints and invest in 1.5%hp quints

2.burning agony and a point in masochism as i prefer the extra damage output from that then the cleaver in early jungle but maxing out burning agony and cleaver first.

3. first armor 5 pots first trip back boots and regen pendant rush items according to enemy team comp more AP then AD then get FoN doing good rush heart then warmogs

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Try reading Rincents jungle mundo guide on

I'd recommend starting with:

Cloth+5 health pots.
Red: Attack Speed.
Yellow: Armor.
Blue: Magic resist per level.

Alternatively you can take BOOTS+3pots, but you need HP5/spell vamp or something to improve your sustain instead of the MS quints!! I've found cloth+5 with MS quints and defensive masteries works the best (gaining 3%MS from defensive too)

Start with Burning Agony and MAX IT. This gives you huuuge damage output for incredible clear speed, plus hits at least as hard as your autoattack when ganking without even slowing you down.

I highly recommend boosting your HEALTH and REGEN early on and using Agony as your main damage source. That means Regen Pendant and Ruby Crystal, which upgrades to WARMOG. This provides lots and lots of health and tankiness, plus the regen to jungle fast.
Warmog is just WAY more efficient than Phage/Frozen Mallet stats wise, and the extra early regen is very very helpful for fast recovery and jungling.

With 95 AoE DPS permanently, you can really do crazy damage to enemies that try to duke it out with you...or when they feebly run from you while you toss cleavers into their back.

HOWEVER, 95 AoE DPS does not last past midgame! Everyone starts with 500 health, and ends up with 2000, plus a lot more armor and MR. So you can NOT just remain super tanky blob and rely on your cleaver and Agony!!!!!

Therefore you need some DAMAGE. And armor/MR of course.

I personally do this:

Cloth+5 as mentioned.
NINJA TABI upgrade - cheapest boosts you can buy, great for jungling, needed for best ganking.
Regrowth/Ruby/Giants belt -> Warmog.
Antimagic mantle
-> Wits End - Great synergy with your huge AD steroid, plus excellent magic resistance.
+ Zeal - more movespeed, AS. crit starts becoming useful with your big AD.
-> Triforce - Odd but good. Mundo procs the 170 dmg proc very very often with cleaver, steroid! Movespeed is really good on mundo and you don't have to get crappy Force of Nature. Buffs his offensive potential hugely!
+ Atmas Impaler - more crit, AD, more armor.
+ Aegis or whatever.

With this approach you have 100ish armor @18 naturally+runes, plus 25 tabi and 45 atmas. Your MR is 30+20+25runes, plus 50 from Wits end = 150ish. You also have tons of health, so your effective health is quite high. An aegis can provide another 40MR/30armor if survival is difficult.

But I think this is a pretty good mix of early game regen and bullying, lategame damage potential vs tankiness balance, item efficiency, and some good utility with the snare/Movespeed.