Kathryn's Masks and Costumes [Open RP]

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In Piltover, along a residential street, is a two-story building, with a neatly-written sign over the door declaring itself to be "Kathryn's Masks and Costumes". A hastily-embroidered sign underneath says "Special Discounts for the month of Harrowing!"

If one were to enter the shop, they'd be greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere- the floors are all made of blonde hardwood, and the walls are papered with delicate floral prints. The eastern wall, opposite the door, holds a great variety of masks- full-face masks, half-face masks, masks on strings, masks on stems to hold at a party... there is also a section of blank masks, along with paints, feathers, sequins, and the like.

The northern wall of the shop is occupied by a working table, with a myriad of old-fashioned tools- at that table sits Kathryn Brennen, the owner of the shop, and the mother of Del Brennen in Demacia.

On the western wall are various pieces of costumery- frilled collars, thick makeup, false eyelashes, fangs, and the like. There is a stairway, blocked off by a polite sign: "Please don't go up these stairs!" Near the door on this wall is a list of prices- a sticker tells that these are the prices for the month of Harrowing, so that none of her customers will have to calculate them.

Full-face mask: 100 gold
Half-face mask: 50 gold
Make-your-own: 75 gold

Makeup kits: 50-200 gold, dependent on size and contents
False features (eyelashes, fingernails, teeth): 30 gold a pair/100 gold per ten

Skirts and blouses: 75-200 gold, depending on size/fabrics used

Custom Orders/Enchantments
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