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So I've played many games over the past two days (I'd approximate between 10-20) and I wanted to post what I found while using the beta. Note: A lot of the things I noticed were already stated by others, but I just felt like putting my information forth.

My downloading of adobe air and the LoL downloader worked fine, as did the installing process. I ran across my first error with the patcher and posted it up here. It would run into an unknown error and stop patching. I found that this problem was fixed by closing the program, waiting a bit, and then re-opening it.

Once into the LoL client, everything was running just fine. I'd find the occasionally disconnect from chat, but that seemed to be pretty average for both the Windows and Mac versions. The next problem I ran into was trying to play a game with three other friends. We'd arrange the team and the click start the game and someone would be booted (most often me) and we'd have to start over again. This was quite frustrating and went on for about a half an hour until we finally got in. I'm not too sure what was up there, or how it was fixed, but I thought I'd let you know.

In game the graphics are stunning! I was ecstatic to be playing it on my Mac, and I have all the qualities turned up. Lag wise, I rarely ran into it, maybe 3 games out of all the ones I played. I'm quite happy with everything that Riot has done for this game.

On other notes, I also get the blue screen over champions during the loading screen and found that while not in game, LoL would go back in forth between kicking me offline and then logging me back in for chat.

In my eyes, this game is getting very close to the end of beta testing and ready to be released to the general public. Congrats Riot for doing such a great job.

~ Hogyoku

Ps. So my one big complaint is regarding the F3 key on my Mac, which normally shows me all the windows that are open. While in the loading screen or in-game, the game will not respond to my use of this key. I wish it would so I could check out or change songs in iTunes, or check the internet while dead or loading. Especially when I'm working on new builds for Champions that I'm practicing with. Although it's a small thing in the big scheme of LoL, I'd appreciate someone looking into this.