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League Judgement: Olaf (Community)

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Heavy steps from a large warrior can be heard stomping up the large stair well. When the view focuses, it reveals a menacing Viking warrior by the name of Olaf wielding two heavy hand axes at his side. In his wake, small puddles of water are formed in past steps. He begins to wipe away at the water at his leather torso and axes. He grunts heavily, straightening his long blonde beard, releasing the vast waters gripped within. He reaches up to his large steel horned helmet wiping the little puddles of sea water that lay on it, feeling the sharp tips of his frightening helmet. When the Viking was finally done cleaning the salty waters from himself, he looked up to see a very large gate. The gate was very odd in craftsmanship at least to his eyes; it was nothing like his home in Lokfar. Packed together with steel and strange runic symbols, the gate reminded him eerily of the strange mages who recovered him from the beaches and sent him here. Olaf grunted, twirling his axes and breathing hard. He began to grunt more and more, readying himself to enter the strange building. Finally, he rushes towards the gate, kicking it open with ease, and disappearing into the darkness.

As the Viking rushes inside, he yells ferociously at the darkness in front of him. Quickly, the foreigner puts himself in a defensive position; waiting for what opponents he thinks lurks inside to show themselves.
"My axe is thirsty! Show yourselves Mages!" Shouted Olaf.
There was no answer.
The Viking held his guard looking all around him, waiting for some form of movement to show itself. Slowly, he started to move forward into the darkness with his axes twirling around him. When he stepped, he realized that it was not hard marble which held his step anymore, it was not hard marble which his foot set upon, but snow. He looked down at the ground in bewilderment, realizing that it was all snow. When he looked into the sky, he saw snow flowing through the air and a deep cloudy sky.
Am I home? What sort of sorcery is this..?
When Olaf looked in front of him, he saw a lone warrior in steel armor wielding a sword and shield, and a large circle encompassed around him and the warrior. His fellow Vikings roared in a fury and cheered Olaf’s name.
“Kill him!”
“Let the rage fill your strikes!!”
When Olaf looked back at the Warrior, he saw him getting in a defensive position, readying himself for battle. Olaf finally grasped the situation presented in front of him.
This was the last place he was at before Runeterra.
“Let us see your might, Viking warrior!” Said the Knight in a strong stern voice. He raised his sword and shield, rushing towards the shocked Olaf. The Viking, realizing the danger, finally reacted and deflected the blow away from him. He came down on the heavy shoulder pad of the Knight, striking deep into his chest with each strike. The Knight was slowly being knocked back with each strike, feeling the hard impact of his rage. The warrior swung his shield around, knocking it hard into the side of Olaf’s head. Olaf only grunted, and then roared ferociously as he tackled the heavy warrior into the ground. They both wrestled on the ground, trying to gain dominance over the other, but it was a much tied match. Olaf was roaring viciously as he punched the Knights helmet, making deep dents. The Knight tried to push away the angry Viking, but could not force away the savagery the Viking possessed. Olaf was screaming at the top of his lungs, he was not at the epitome of his battle prowess, reaching his full limit of rage. Olaf stood up, picking up the head of the Knight with him and throwing him with ease to his side.
The Knight rose, breathing heavily as he tried to center himself, but the Viking was already rushing towards him. Olaf struck heavily into the shield of his foe slicing into his arm with the fragments of the broken shield holes as well as his extremely sharp steel blades. The Knight screamed in pain from under his helmet as he tried to slice at the Viking. Olaf dodged to the side, bring the under blade of his axes on the sword and ripping it from the Knights grasp. Olaf smashed his fist up into the helmet of the Knight, knocking away the protection and sending the warrior back with extreme force. The Knight slides into the snow from the force of the blow, blow dripping from his nose. Olaf leaps on to the Knight, smashing down with his brute force on the chest of the Knight, knocking the little air the Knight already had. The Viking flips his axes at his side, throwing them down on to the exposed hands at the foes sides, slicing away his hands.
“GAH!!!!” The Knight screamed in agony as he looked up to the fearless Viking.
“It doesn’t matter how much armor you have, and how much nobility you have! Rage fills my strikes, and obliteration was yours!” Olaf reached for his axes, slicing down at the head of the fallen foe.
But he only struck at marble.
Olaf looked back up to see only darkness and the marble floor again. He rose with his axes ready, angry at the trickery the mages used against him.
”C’mon, I won’t hurt you, I PROMISE!” Olaf darted his head back and forth, looking for any sign of life.
Olaf quickly turns around, seeing the Knight standing before him unharmed, with his helmet off.
“Why do you want to join the League, Olaf?” Send the Knight in a cool collected tone, holding a hand to his sword handle. The Viking held his stance, yelling at the Knight, “So I can crush my foes for pleasure!” The Knight shook his head disappointingly, and then asked him again, “Why do you really want to be in the League, Olaf?”
The Viking stopped breathing hard, and he released his defensive stance, and then spoke in a calm voice.
“I don’t want to join the League. I am forced so that way I can return home, but I know better than to trust any of you mages; I know your mysterious ways. I know as soon as I agreed to join this League, I would never be able to leave. So I may as well enjoy knocking around a few of your so called Champions and showing you the true rage of LOK’FAR!” The Viking smashed his axe into the ground, breaking away at the marble, and then looked at the Knight again.
The Knight smirked, then spoke again, “How does it feel to expose your mind Olaf?”
Olaf smiled, “As much fun as it was to crush you.”
The Knight moved to the side, revealing the door way into the League. Olaf walked with heavy strides towards the door again, his heavy steps echoing in the building once again. His long beard shifted side to side as he walked his axes ready at his side for anything. He approaches the doorway, walking through then disappearing from sight.

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Whos the knight?