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Matchmaking is sometimes inexistant

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Hi it's my first post in here but meh theres a start to everything.

I have'nt been playing for a long time (roughly 3 months by now) and im only lvl 28.

Today i entered a game and choose darius, i was outmachted top by a riven (wich is'nt the problem here). The problem lies in the fact that after the game i like to see who is lvl what and here's the thing : we had one lvl 30 with 268 wins and the other team had 2 lvl 30 the riven with 687 wins and a Kah'zix with 1601 wins.

Theres a problem when the enemy team has a member with more experience than the whole other team.... Maybe Riot you could make it so that theses situations don't happen anymore. It would make the game more enjoyable by a lot of people who get beaten by someone who has simply WAY more experience than them. Bear in mind i don't care if i get beaten by a good opponent especially if he outplayed me, but give us more chances to play with people of our experience.

Thank you

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While I would agree that Matchmaking is sometimes broken... Chances are that wasn't one of those times.

People put WAY too much stock into the statistics that are shown; you don't know how many LOSSES they have; more wins doesn't mean that they're good, just that they've played more LoL. The matchmaker instead works off of an invisible elo score, and attempts to match those who demonstrate comparable skill over time.

So that means if you wind up in a game where you have someone with their first PvP win along with someone who has 1,200, that means that the latter player isn't very good.