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Grooming, an Ahri and Annie story

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(This was was brought about thanks to the Champion List Thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2601335), an excellent thing for someone like me who needs a good poke to come up with ideas. Enjoy!)


The wing of the Institute of War set aside for the private use of its Champions was nearly always a quiet place. Most had full-time careers away from the Fields of Justice, many simply made their homes away from it, some were bound to its service and kept imprisoned during downtime for the safety of the masses. But that quiet wing in the facility's upper reaches was kept aside for them nonetheless, and saw enough traffic every room was slightly its owner's own.

Ahri, however, was more interested in a picture window. Or more accurately, the warm pool of afternoon sunlight spilling through it. It made an amazingly comfortable place to groom, running a brush over each of her many tails in turn, settling and fluffing the fur. Aside from vanity, it fit the games she played with everyone who looked her way. Just one swish, and she could almost see the fantasies form in their heads, what they imagined doing to her that would make her need to groom herself all over again.

Ahri's thoughts were interrupted by a yawn. Looking up, she saw none other than the Dark Child, covering her mouth with one hand as her ever-present bear dangled from the other. She finished her yawn and rubbed her eyes before she got around to addressing her. “Hello, Miss Ahri.”

“Hello, Annie.” Ahri looked up at her without pausing in her brushing – there was rather a lot of tail, even with just one curled across her lap, so it would be quite hard to miss. “Just woke up?”

“Tired,” the child corrected. “It was a long fight today.”

“So I heard. My battle started late because of it,” Ahri recounted. “Did you win?”

“I wish. My summoner was an idiot,” Annie proclaimed as she hugged the back of her bear to her chest. Ahri was amused to learn Tibbers was somewhat mobile while in plushie form, nodding in agreement. “He kept taking me into the jungle. Never seemed to learn how far that new bug can jump.”

“Kha'zix is never a pleasant opponent,” Ahri agreed. This simple conversation was a satisfying distraction, really. As calming as she found the silence, human socialization was an addictively deep and rich activity she could still get drunk on. (She meant that literally. Attending one of Gragas' parties had strained her body to vomiting point from the smells, the sounds, the people all in her space long before she'd even touched the liquor.) “All that running to return from resurrection can't have helped.”

“Nope. My legs are so sore.” Annie bent down to touch her toes, looking up just in time to see Ahri release her tail and bring another one around for grooming. The difference was stark, the properly brushed fur almost gleaming silver beside its rougher counterparts. “Do you have to do all of those every day?”

“Not every day, but a lot of the time,” Ahri answered. “You understand we are normally released from the Fields after a token cleansing? That doesn't help my fur lie flat.”

“I know. Miss Janna complains her hair is always in knots.”

“My fur isn't long enough to tangle, but it does become awfully matted.” A frown touched Ahri's features. “And my opponent Cho'Gath was right next to me as the match ended. The unsummoning spells can only do so much for that amount of drool.”

As she'd predicted, Annie giggled. Perhaps it was Ahri's forlorn look, but she hesitated before saying anything else. “Want me to help?”

That made Ahri pause in her brushing. “I would appreciate the assistance. Can I ask why?”

“They look fluffy. But it's rude if I just grab one, right?”

Ahri was suddenly reminded that despite possessing an unrivalled potential for magical ability and spellcasting skills well beyond her years (in fact, the homunculus used by the trainee summoners was notoriously savage) Annie did not have a lot of years for one to have too look beyond. The fact she kept her familiar bundled up in a plushie said it all, really; the eight-year-old still found the same delight in putting her hands on everything she could that Ahri herself indulged in more than she care to admit.

“You're correct. Just find a hairbrush. I'm not going far.”


Annie stirred, mumbling a little in her sleep. Her arms squeezed around the objects she was holding, Tibbers in one, a tail in the other. Several other tails lay over her body, twitching from time to time to keep circulation flowing, but otherwise forming a soft blanket.

Finally, Ahri felt her shifting around a little bit more. The Dark Child yawned and rubbed her eyes before sitting up, looking around and blinking as her eyes acclimated the the combination of late dusk light from the window and the glowing crystals on the walls.

“I didn't have the heart to wake you,” Ahri said, smiling a little. Annie had put up a valiant effort to help, but had only brushed a tail and a half before passing out.

Annie mumbled something before yawning again. “...How long was I asleep?”

“Some hours. Did you sleep well?”

Annie nodded, her energy returning quickly. “Comfy. I might help you again if you let me.”

Ahri chuckled, deciding that yes, she would quite happily let her.


(Overall I'm pleased with how that one turned out, but I think my Annie might be a little shaky. Either way, I'm thinking I might see if Ahri can convince other champions to lend a brush at some point, to explore some characters and feed any interest there might be in this. I hope you all enjoyed this one!)

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Senior Member


Cute. Although I think Annie and Ahri would speak in a less formal manner.

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Cute. Although I think Annie and Ahri would speak in a less formal manner.

Thanks for the feedback! I know my Annie's a little off, I'm not terribly good at writing children (and my image of her is significantly influenced by that awesome Annie And Friends series on this forum, which may or may not help things). That's why I try to do the best thing there is to improve it - rite moar, and listen to people who give you advice!

As for Ahri, I sort of have it in my head she's still learning the intricacies of human language and manners, and doing a lot of that learning from the Institute of War's rather stuffy and bookish mages, leaving her with three rather distinct sets of manners: Formal, Fighting, and Fu... Seducing. It might be a bit of a liberty on my part but I like the idea she's not just getting used to having a new body and conscience, but also exactly what can be done with perks like vocal cords and cultural knowledge.