Decision Making

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I need help on decision making!

After many many many many games of finding myself seeing the defeat screen even though I would have killer CS, killer KDA, and an amazing game overall, i finally realized why I cannot get out of silver despite me thinking im at a gold level...

Although i may have good mechanics, and outlaning my opponent consistently, i realized my game sense and knowledge of when to do what is costing me many games...
Overextending, overstaying, chasing a kill instead of getting a tower, etc.

As i have been told many times, people say that if you just keep playing the game alot you will learn it eventually. But i have played many games and i feel like my skill is stuck in one spot and i feel like im not improving...
Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can improve my skill in League?

Any advice would be very valuable to me!

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I just watch other people and kind of learn from that and right after you take a tower always recall unless you have an ace or most of them are dead.

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