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Please make use of the loading screen.

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Right now the loading screen does literally nothing except let you look at pretty skin pictures. It's an inevitable one to four minutes (depending on team and opponents,) that I basically tab out to do other things because staring at it feels like a waste of time.

Honestly, the change could be as simple as putting an info button next to everyone's loading bars, and clicking on it will bring up the "Tips and Tricks" for playing as and playing against that champion or as complicated as showing that along with their full move set.

As LoL adds more and more champions, it gets harder for casual players to keep up, let alone those just joining the game, and understanding your opponents along with your team mates is a large part of skill and being able to enjoy the game.

If even a simple change like this was made it would greatly decrease the learning curve of the game, and make the loading screen feel less wasteful.

I'm aware that the information is available on Death Recap for your killer, but early game there isn't a lot of time to read those, especially for those who don't read very fast, and if you're only able to read them late game once the champion is fed, and it's too late, then the tips on Death Recap is not doing its job.

Many people would suggest to put a team chat window there so that strategizing could continue to take place, much as it would if everyone was playing in the same room, or over some form of voice service. This would be great too, but It'd take up a lot of space, and really change the way that the loading screen looks right now. I'm not against this, but it's not as effective at reducing the learning curve, and with the Info Button solution, much less would have to change.