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Diana Login Choral Composition?

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I really have no idea quite where this would go, but as it relates to music I placed it here. If it should be placed elsewhere please let me know

I am a student currently in high school, and in choir. I have been a long time League of Legends player, nearly 3 years actually, and have been presented with a wonderful opportunity. Our choir has been asked to put together the text for a choir composition that will be written by a fairly well known composer, after we impressed him by doing one of his pieces last year. I was in love with the League of Legends Title screen for Diana, and as such was hoping I would be allowed to submit the text to my choir teacher for a chance at having the words of that made into the composition. I understand you have already made a beautiful song with it, but I would love to get this chance to leave my (and of course Riots) mark on composed music. If you are willing to allow us to use this for such a wonderful cause we will possibly be performing it at Carnegie Hall for the world premiere during April (I believe?). Thank you for your time

Though it may mean nothing, this was the piece we performed for him, along with our choir singing it last year.